August 25, 2009

Bird legs

I know she looks like she has gargantuan legs, but for effect I chopped off her twigs and set her up with these babies. Nice.

I found these fun peacock tights for $29.99 while shopping, and while I thought that was an exorbitant amount to pay for pantyhose, I'd do it. Just this once.

And away I went. In my ever-growing virtual fashion closet, I found an equally fun dress from with a print I thought would nicely complement the tights (and yes, it is actually a dress, for reals, top & bottom & belt!! $24.80).

I had a hard time w/ shoes, mainly because I always have a hard time with shoes. I love shoes..........Anyway,
Tahari oxford booties (, Clearance $66.94) seemed like a fitting choice. I usually like a closed toe w/ tights; a little bit of patent, a little matte, whatever, I'd wear it.

An asymmetrical gold chain necklace, (, $7.80) and leather topper (which I'm pretty sure is a Fall '09 season fave) from ($34.50). And at last, a faux-croc(?) (again, not a biologist) clutch in an I'm-so-drooling deep purple at ($24.00); the color I admit is more Fall'08, but I won't tell anyone if you won't.

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