August 20, 2009


I love jumpsuits. I always have and I always will.
I don't care if the season doesn't call for it, I am forever a fan of the jumpsuit. Most of all because I'm lazy. I can put my entire outfit on in one zip? HOLLA.
The Dilemma: It's extremely difficult to find an affordable jumpsuit. For some reason, I guess mass affordable retailers/designers don't think the average cul-de-sac-livin' person will dig a jumpsuit. But I tell ya, people are getting more fashion-conscious and daring. Why do you think H&M, Target, Payless and now Wal-Mart are getting well-known and budding designers to make exclusive collections? Because high fashion has become a mainstream obsession thanks to fashion T.V., specifically shows like Project Runway (I just watched the premiere....aaaaaawesome) and America's Next Top Model (and all of its sister shows, i.e. Australia's Next Top Model, Canada's, China's, Brazil's?, Tunisia's?, I don't even know).

Anyway, I'm begging you (Oh Fashionable One) to please please PLEASE make more jumpsuits. Okay, I'm done.

I love that this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters ($58) incorporates one of Fall 09's must-have shapes: harem. With a touch of in-the-know, you can look like you've been doing this for a long time. I thought a fully enclosed shoe would look too solid from top-to-bottom, so I choose a bandage heel from ($24.99). Normally the jumpsuit itself would be a helluva statement, and it is, but it needed something to fill in the empty space around the neck & chest. This gold piece-y statement necklace (, $24.99) is enough to make the top of the outfit look just as stunning and interesting as the bottom (it's also another Fall trend: statement jewelry) without any clutter. The ring is also interesting and modern; most importantly, it looks simple and understated without losing any of its punch (, $14.99) and without distracting from the pinnacle piece. I Feel Like A Woman!!


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