November 22, 2009

I'm Too Sexy for my......Library?

(Notice I will never tire of animal print, so strap in for a wild ride.)
(Oh, and please ignore the washed out paisley-floral print underneath the black leather jacket; I have never advocated paisley, nor do I plan to start now...unless Oscar de la Renta can change my mind.)
In honor of Desiree Goodwin, here's too all the librarians out there who have an interest in more than just books. The LIBRARIAN pin is clutch.

Myyyyy Preeeccciiooousssssss

I know the title was creepy, but this is borderline insanely precious, no? Whether or not you think the booties go with the bag, sashay a little bit and no one will notice :)

Balmain to the Future I really need to explain why this post is here. Balmain, Balmain, Balmain!!!!!!!!!! Christophe Decarnin--you are a hero for so many. Oh, and, two words: Lara Stone (right). If ya don't know, now ya know. dresses, both 16 pounds (~$32); alice+olivia Madison biker boot,, $49.99

RELAX! Go to it

Ah relaxation, there's nothing like it. And casual duds don't have to look like you've done nothing all day; use the little effort you have to put something cute together. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Don't call me Baby

The perfect Friday outfit. When everyone else dresses down, you look like the most professional person in the office--which may be the case anyway. If so, make it known and strut yo' stuff. TTFN.

Mission: Cute

UUUHHHH (Rachel Zoe-like grunt of fashion pleasure). So cute!!!

You're the One That I Want

Seems like a lot going on, I know, but it all works when you look closely. A shorter boyfriend jacket (or no jacket) would keep some people from feeling too busy; and jeans instead of the skirt would calm others' nerves. Do what you wish and enjoy the visual. 

November 14, 2009

Pocahantas Wannabe

There were some Native American notes going around recently, so I thought I would pick up on that. Of course it always starts with the shoes, and although these aren't even close to moccasins--they totally work (Zigi Soho Trump leather ankle bootie,, $89.95). The ikat patterned skirt has that natural/in-tune-with-nature/I grew up on a ranch in New Mexico-type vibe I was unconsciously going for (Fab knit Ikat skirt,, $10.50); add the blue jean b/f blazer, the cascading silver leaf necklace, the (faux?) woven clutch, and the chain&fringe tank and you've got yourself an "I like to look like I like the outdoors" ensemble.  Viva la environment. TTFN.

Denim BF jacket,, $34.50; Fallen leaves necklace,, $7.80; Sasha woven clutch brown,, $26.95; Fringe chain top,, 24.99

Painterly Princess

Something with paint-like strokes & swirls still appeals to me, even though I've seen some fashion mags claim this trend to be outdated. If so, I can still claim that the colors are still on trend, especially purple. And why sandals in November? Well...1) because I can (online fantasy daaahling) and 2) because it's still about 80 degrees in Texas & I'm still wearing shorts. Purple haze smocked dress from (<--check them out! So Cute) ($62); Zigi Soho Twinkle ankle cuff sandal from ($69.95); alice + olivia Beatrix patent platform sandal from, (Clearance $19.99). To paint a pretty picture (get it? ha....ha), sport the colorful shoes; to toughen up a bit, wear the Balmain Spring 2009 look-a-likes from DSW. Original Balmain below:

If it were colder, sheer black hose and closed-toe shooties would be my alternative, like maybe one of these:

From left: Miss Me Agnes 9 pleated suede bootie,, Clearance $29.94;; Buckled booties,, 29.99; Lela Rose for Payless Mallory suede bootie,, $34.99 (if you really wanna pop)

Aww, sweet

I thought this was just a really sweet dress, easy-going, not too much, just enough & plus it's in my favorite color (Eloquent ruffle chiffon dress,, $29.80). I'm pretty sure the shoes are from; although I forgot to record the price, they're from the SALE section--I know that much!! Viva la Clearance! It was a little difficult to pair the right shoes w/ this dress because I needed a shoe to mimic its simplicity. But since everything in my virtual fashion closet is rather loud, so I had to go online shopping for some new shoes (yay!) and found these. Black: check; Simple: check; With a tidbit of funky fresh: double check. Done and done.


November 11, 2009

Help Me Doctor, I'm seeing SPOTS

When I saw polka-dot tights on Balenciaga's runway for their Fall 2009 show, I was like HOLLA! It's funky disguised as classy...nice. I tried to imitate one of Ghesquière's signature looks, however it was obviously hard to find substitutes. What I did find was a black/white printed dress from ($22.80); black Mossimo peep toe booties from ($29.99) that you could wear through all seasons; and BEHOLD! polka-dot tights from ($38.00). And damn were those hard to find. You would think that after Balenciaga made these tights such a hit on the fall runway, I'd be able to find them everywhere. Not so...not so. However, you can also find Wolford polka dot tights @ ($55.00) (and although pricey for stockings, Wolford is often used by many an upscale fashion magazine, including Harper's BAZAAR (personal fave:)) and from a foreign website called (8.50 pounds, roughly $17). Oh & by the way, OMG SHOES!

Gookie by Gookie

Umm helloooo Gucci Spring 2009 look-a-like sandals...Don't you love knock-offs that cost a gah-zillion dollars less?! (Zigi Soho Tower double platform sandal,, $99.95) And hello, these call for some tough chic. Once again my favorite combination: romantic & edgy. I can't help myself, I'm sorry, I hope you don't get sick of it. The dress is from for $22.80; and the Silence & Noise black leather jacket, from Urban (FAV!), for $128 is one of those items you only buy once (for us penny-pinchers anyway). Yea, 130 bucks is a lot for a jacket...but if you promise it's the only one you'll buy until Obama's 2nd term, I'll let you have it k? A gold necklace (, $7.80) with silver-lined sandals? Can you do it? If you're a good-lookin' bitch you can. TTFN.

November 9, 2009

Sweet Lady

Ok I've been gone for a while...not shopping unfortch. I saw this Romantic Print cardigan on ($34.00) and although I would never spend that much on a cardigan, it was everything I ever wanted in a cardi: romance & maybe I would buy it afterall. I dunno. Three more things caught my eye on 1) Zipper spiral floral top ($17.80); 2) Contrast gold-black skinny belt ($6.80) (so affordable!); 3) Satin orchid skirt ($15.80) (also quite do-able). With everything else in the outfit cloaked in le noir, the skirt seemed like it fit in with the edgy/romantic theme without making you, well, fade to black. "Cosby" leather cut-out sandals courtesy of BCBG Paris,, $79.95. You've skipped meals for less than this I'm sure, so don't even.

This is so cute it makes me want to scream.

Be back with more. TTFN.