November 11, 2009

Gookie by Gookie

Umm helloooo Gucci Spring 2009 look-a-like sandals...Don't you love knock-offs that cost a gah-zillion dollars less?! (Zigi Soho Tower double platform sandal,, $99.95) And hello, these call for some tough chic. Once again my favorite combination: romantic & edgy. I can't help myself, I'm sorry, I hope you don't get sick of it. The dress is from for $22.80; and the Silence & Noise black leather jacket, from Urban (FAV!), for $128 is one of those items you only buy once (for us penny-pinchers anyway). Yea, 130 bucks is a lot for a jacket...but if you promise it's the only one you'll buy until Obama's 2nd term, I'll let you have it k? A gold necklace (, $7.80) with silver-lined sandals? Can you do it? If you're a good-lookin' bitch you can. TTFN.

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