November 14, 2009

Pocahantas Wannabe

There were some Native American notes going around recently, so I thought I would pick up on that. Of course it always starts with the shoes, and although these aren't even close to moccasins--they totally work (Zigi Soho Trump leather ankle bootie,, $89.95). The ikat patterned skirt has that natural/in-tune-with-nature/I grew up on a ranch in New Mexico-type vibe I was unconsciously going for (Fab knit Ikat skirt,, $10.50); add the blue jean b/f blazer, the cascading silver leaf necklace, the (faux?) woven clutch, and the chain&fringe tank and you've got yourself an "I like to look like I like the outdoors" ensemble.  Viva la environment. TTFN.

Denim BF jacket,, $34.50; Fallen leaves necklace,, $7.80; Sasha woven clutch brown,, $26.95; Fringe chain top,, 24.99

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