November 9, 2009

Sweet Lady

Ok I've been gone for a while...not shopping unfortch. I saw this Romantic Print cardigan on ($34.00) and although I would never spend that much on a cardigan, it was everything I ever wanted in a cardi: romance & maybe I would buy it afterall. I dunno. Three more things caught my eye on 1) Zipper spiral floral top ($17.80); 2) Contrast gold-black skinny belt ($6.80) (so affordable!); 3) Satin orchid skirt ($15.80) (also quite do-able). With everything else in the outfit cloaked in le noir, the skirt seemed like it fit in with the edgy/romantic theme without making you, well, fade to black. "Cosby" leather cut-out sandals courtesy of BCBG Paris,, $79.95. You've skipped meals for less than this I'm sure, so don't even.

This is so cute it makes me want to scream.

Be back with more. TTFN.

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