July 30, 2010

A Little Gardening

A nice summer day out and about this outfit will complement perfectly. I added the gray vest (wear open to show off the canaries) because it's a little more laid-back (my style). Without the vest, it's still a great outfit. Simple summer sandals (Forever 21, $10.80); Norma Kamali canary tee (Walmart, $8); Norma Kamali organic cotton knit vest (Walmart, $10); Embroidered garden skirt (Forever 21, $12.50).

July 24, 2010

Hit it & Fit It

WOO GURL, get that body right!!!! 
These are both all kinds of tight, so suck it, tuck it, and strut it. 
Spanx not included.

All from Forever21.com: Emma platform heels (27.80), Fab fitted one shoulder dress (Olive, $10.50), Ruffled shoulder knit dress (19.80), Trinity peep toe booties (29.80).

Maxing Out

Although I'd love a jumpsuit just a little bit more, I also love the Maxi dress. I have one or two, but haven't found the confidence to wear them out of the house. Yes, they are simple, long dresses--what's there to be afraid of? How good I would look of course!! Whether a solid color Maxi, or one with an all-over pattern, confidence is definitely needed to pull off this top to bottom look; or else, you'd definitely get swallowed up by what could end up looking like a way-too-long undershirt. From Forever21.com: Tess wedge sandals (18.80), Lace-up sandals (15.80), Acid grunge maxi dress (20.80), Striped sleeveless dress (15.80), Cropped faux leather jacket (39.00); From Wal-Mart (Yes!): Norma Kamali Charcoal maxi dress (15.00).