December 25, 2010

The Rugged Indoors

Not really a fan of the outdoors but want to pay homage to those who are?

Try the "I just pulled my boots on and I'm too cool to fix my pants" look by scrunching up the bottom of your pants around the top of your boots/your ankles (see below). But seriously, if it looks like a disaster, then please undo.
Now be aware that you might have to actually go OUTSIDE at some point, but don't stay out long because although this look is ruggedly sexy, like a wood nymph(o) is far from authentically durable so don't try anything stupid. Like hiking.
Pants:, Perfect boot cords, 59.50; Shirt:, Women's Classic Flannel Shirts purple, 22.50; Jacket:, Women's Wool-Blend Bomber Jackets, 54.50; Boots (left to right):, Franco Sarto Spa, 139;, KensieGirl Ramina, 79;, Not Rated Side Saddle, 59

omfg. so rugged.

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