December 31, 2010

Soft Pop

Ever heard of a "soft pop of color"? Well if you have, I need to punch someone in the face because they stole my phrase that I just made up right now. Now check it: Shades of nude and stone grey with a subtle invasion of blue. That's what I call soft pop.
Personally, I wouldn't weigh it down with too many additions as each piece has it's own embellishment by way of ruffles, bows, and prints. Tuck in the blouse to show off the skirt's beaded waistband. Top shoe is for work; middle shoe is for drinks after work; bottom shoe is for first date with person you met while having drinks after work :) TTFN (& HAPPY NEW YEAR).

Coat: Wisen up coat,, 69.99
Top: Flurry Up Top,, 39.99
Skirt: Everyday Extraordinary Skirt,, 89.99
Earrings: Don't Leaf Without Us Earrings,, 15.99
Bag: Along For the Ride Bag,, 84.99
Shoe (top): AK Anne Klein Jalissa,, 79
Shoe (mid): Dolce Vita Twinka (grey suede),, 135
Shoe (bottom): Sartorial Savvy Wedge,, 44.99

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