January 31, 2011

Feeling Forest-y

Inspired by this bag, found on Piperlime.com today, I did my best to whip up something evoking a modern-day lumberjack's wife. 

Who got divorced and moved to the Big Apple to open an organic food café in SoHo.

My first jeggings!
Bag: Melie Bianco Margo (olive), Piperlime.com, 98
Sweater: Oh, Deer Sweater, Modcloth.com, 62.99
Jacket: Stylish Teachings Blazer, Modcloth.com, 49.99
Necklace: The Oak Leaf Necklace, Etsy.com, 26
Boots (left to right): L.e.i. - Women's Alexa Braided Tall Boots, Walmart.com, 24; Steve Madden Criskros, Piperlime.com, 79.99
Pants: Jegging - Gotham Wash, NYandCompany.com, 39.95

January 30, 2011

Nominee for Best Item Name of All Time

"Tea-shirt Time Top"

Um, hello.


Tea-shirt Time Top, Modcloth.com, 37.99

January 29, 2011

A Cloudy Day

"And now onto the weather......Bob"
"Thanks Betty.......It's going to be overcast again today, folks, and it'll continue to be gray and cloudy for the next few days. As it warms up to high of 70-75 degrees this afternoon, winds coming in from the Northeast at 10-15 mph will keep it feeling nice and cool, and it'll continue to get cooler into the evening ending up with lows at around 55-60.......Back to you, Betty"
"Any chance of rain today, Bob?"
"No, Betty, but there's going to be a 100% chance of FABULOUSNESS!" *Bob Snaps*
"Hahahahaha, oh you"

Sheer black hose are a given....

Dress: Frock Star Dress, Modcloth.com, 72.99
Jacket: Afternoon Symphony Jacket, Modcloth.com, 99.99
Ring: Rose Around the Ring, Modcloth.com, 11.99
Earrings: Juicy Couture Pave Pyramid Earring 2 colors, Piperlime.com, 48
Shoes (left to right): AK Anne Klein Jalissa, Piperlime.com, 79; Deena & Ozzy Peeptoe Mule Wedge, UrbanOutfitters.com, 78
Bag: Big Buddha Empire (gray), Piperlime.com, 95

January 28, 2011

Cool, Calm & Collected

3 styles for one bottom! Hoorah!

Calm (middle): The V-neck ruffles will predictably fit nicely into the V-neck black sweater, creating--again--a predictably nice looking ensemble.

Cool (right): Anything from the GAP is going to look cool and chic, even with pants as unique as these.

Collected (left): I don't necessarily mean "put together," as much as I mean "something from over here and over there......put together."

Blouse (left to right): Women's Lightweight Ruffle-Trim Tops golden, OldNavy.com, 24.50; AB Studio Ruffle Blouse Set, Kohls.com, 21.99; Cropped-sleeve blouse, GAP.com, 29.99
Jacket/Sweater (left to right): Eternal Trendsetter Jacket, Modcloth.com, 74.99; AB Studio Shawl-Collar Cardigan, Kohls.com, 27.99; Boucle wrap jacket, GAP.com, 49.99
Pants: Kimchi Blue Cummerbund Trouser, UrbanOutfitters, 59
Shoes: Ecote Ombre Speckled Skimmer, UrbanOutfitters.com, 29
Bag: Kimchi Blue Straw Doctor Bag, tan, UrbanOutfitters.com, 58
Necklace: Detailed Bird and Branch Lariat, Etsy.com, 23

January 21, 2011

Taste You can See

 Challenging my perception of color-coordination.
Reminded me of Skittles, even though the title is from Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Don't hate.

Shoes (clockwise from top left): Front row fashion wedges, Modcloth.com, 159.99; Perk of the Job heel, Modcloth.com, 89.99; Julienne suede heels, JCrew.com, 69.99
Bag: Kimchi Blue Suede Buckle Bag, UrbanOutfitters.com, 68
Glasses: 10-Day Shades green, Modcloth.com, 11.99
Earrings: Dangling Jewel Tiered Earrings, Forever21.com, 5.80
Dress: Polygraphic dress, Modcloth.com, 49.99

Headlines: Jack Frost Complicates Casual Friday

Yeaaaaaaaahhhh....soooooo it's really cold outside. Granted, I'm Texan, so this only means it's below 50 degrees.

Honestly, I think it's about 30 degrees, but that's cold by anyone's standards, right?? 

As such, Casual Friday is a bit more dressed up than usual :( But it is, most likely, stupidly warm in your place of work; that's why I'd wear a sheer blouse under a cardigan, so you can put on/take off the sweater as your temperature changes. And it will. Dozens of times throughout the day.

Even so, please wear a camisole or Shaper-tank under the sheer blouse, and sheer or 
opaque black tights under the slacks. After all, it IS winter and I am legally not responsible for any ensuing
health complications. 

Pants: BDG Tweed Pant, UrbanOutfitters.com, 59
Top: Ecote Chiffon Tee, UrbanOutfitters.com, 42
Coat: Mirror-Dash Sweater Coat, UrbanOutfitters.com, 29.99
Sweater: Women's Boyfriend Cardigans purple, OldNavy.com, 39.50
Earrings: Kenneth Cole New York Circle Drop Earrings, Piperlime.com, 28
Shoes: Leatherette Enclosed Wedge, Forever21.com, 24.80
Bracelet: Kenneth Cole New York Two Tone Bracelet, Piperlime.com, 45
Bag: Deena & Ozzy Architectural Satchel, UrbanOutfitters.com, 68

January 18, 2011

Just Whistle while you Work

My mom is outside now, helping the neighbors fix their water line. She put on my old, muddy VANS sneakers, a shirt with holes and paint splatter (real paint; not cute, choreographed paint; and real holes; not cute, carefully placed holes that are hemmed at the edges) and sweatpants.

Behold! My version of what I would wear to fake-help the neighbors....

(Note, I said fake-help)

Good Find!: The cutest earrings can be found by Szeya Designs at Etsy.com.

Boots: Cooperative Sweater Cuff Boot, UrbanOutfitters.com, 78
Jacket: True Blue-tilitarian Jacket, Modcloth.com, 69.99
Pants: Tapered lounge pants, GAP.com, 34.50
Bag: Expert Satchel, Modcloth, 69.99
Shirt: Silence & Noise Shirred Seam Tee, UrbanOutfitters.com, 42
Earrings (clockwise from top) all 8.95 from Etsy.com (Szeya Designs): Spanner and Pliers earrings; Handsaw earrings; Hammer earrings; Shovel earrings; Pliers earrings; Saw and Hammer earrings

Suit Up

If I thought I looked this smooth in a suit.....oooooh I'm tellin' you what.......get it guuurrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll

Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2011 (January 11, 2011)
You Betta' Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Schlumpty Dumpty

Might get let go from work this week (damn budget crisis...), so I'm feeling a little schleppy. Thinking about making every day this week Casual Friday. Let Casual Tuesday begin.

Dress:  BDG Turtleneck Sweater Dress, UrbanOutfitters.com, 58
Shoes: Open Floral Oxfords, Forever21.com, 22.80
Bag: Leatherette Floral Satchel Handbag, Forever21.com, 22.80
Glasses: Private eye sunglasses, Modcloth.com, 11.99
Bracelet: Retrograde Braid Bracelet, Modcloth.com, 15.99
Sweater: byCORPUS Popcorn Sweater (beige), UrbanOutfitters.com, 68

January 15, 2011

Wishful Thinking

                                  Dear Spring,
                                           Hey! It's me again. How are you doing? I'm so excited that you're coming!!
                                           Can't you come a little earlier this year and stay longer?! And don't bring your
                                           sister, Summer, she's a hot mess.

Sandal: Link Happy Thoughts Sandal, Modcloth.com, 31.99
Bag: Buckled Leatherette Tote Bag, Forever21.com, 34.80
Dress: Ahead of the Flock Dress, Modcloth.com, 52.99
Earrings: Gorjana Westerly Stud Earrings, Piperlime.com, 35
Necklace: Magnificent Magnolia Necklace, Modcloth.com, 17.99

January 12, 2011

Where are they Now?

When I fell head over heels for high fashion in 2006, 2 people had solid spots on my top ten list of top models: Rachel Alexander (24 yrs old now) and Cintia Dicker (also 24 yrs old now). I saw them all OVER the place and I LOVED it. However, I'd noticed that in the last 4 seasons (F/S 2010 and F/S 2011) (or is that 2 seasons?), they haven't been around :(sad face). Lo and behold, with the magic of Google, I found them! And they've moved on to do quite sexy things, and they deserve it, bravo! (but come back to the runway, 
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Rachel Alexander, as I remember her and her signature haircut:

Cintia Dicker, in my memories:

As they are now:

Rachel Alexander (Face of Andres Sarda); Cintia Dicker (the coveted role of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model)

January 11, 2011

I Only Wish my Monthly Gift was this Fabulous

Getting ready for my once monthly rollercoaster ride of pain. OMG TMI IDK. And all of us (i.e. those w/ vah-jay-jays) know that black is the ideal color during this time. So if you see me wearing something that looks like this in the next week...you know what time it is.

Drop-crotch pants = Perfect diaper disguise
Pants: Sparkle & Fade Dropped Sweatpants, UrbanOutfitters.com, 48
Sweaket (Sweater + Jacket): Gregg Coat, UrbanOutfitters.com, 129
Earrings: Ethnic Fringe Earrings, Forever21.com, 5.80
Bag: Alligator Hobo Bag, Forever21.com, 28.80
Ring: Little Bow Wow Ring, Modcloth.com, 11.99
Heels (clockwise from left): Michael Antonio Moris, Piperlime.com, 44.99; Peep Toe Wedges, Forever21.com, 29.80; Steve Madden Riddgge, Piperlime.com, 89

January 10, 2011

Whitney's Takeover

You know I love black. I've said it before. I'm watching one of my (many) favorite shows on Bravo, Tabatha's Takeover, and I'm inspired by her endless sea of black ensembles. I'm sure this is one ensemble she wouldn't takeover. (phew)

I'm partial to wearing the sheer blouse with just a black lace bra underneath. But my alter-ego can be a ho sometimes, so that may not be for everyone. If you do want to try that, get that body right. I might suggest......P90X?

Shoe: Steve Madden Kinnetic, Piperlime.com, 59
Necklace: Twisting Tree Necklace, Modcloth.com, 14.99
Blouse: Chiffon Over You Top, Modcloth.com, 39.99
Jacket: Little on the Ruffle Side Jacket, Modcloth.com, 69.99
Pants: Lauren Jeans Co. Jeans, Lyn Classic Bootcut Manhattan Wash, Macys.com, 39.99
Bag: Melie Bianco Alyssa, Piperlime.com, 99

January 9, 2011

Don't these Boyfriend Jeans Look Good on Me? Don't They? (Sing to tune of PussyCat Dolls)

I would think this is self-explanatory. Motorcycle jacket optional.

Top: Roam the Sky Top, Modcloth.com, 32.99
Jacket: Women's Real Leather Motorcycle Jackets, OldNavy.com, 199
Jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans, Melodia Wash, Macys.com, 59.50
Shoes (from top): Enzo Angiolini Pawl, Piperlime.com, 44.99; Steven by Steve Madden Melanee, Piperlime.com, 69.99; Every Event Wedge, Modcloth.com, 39.99
Bag: Before the Dawn Satchel, Modcloth.com, 59.99
Necklace: Hive & Honey Metal Bolly Necklace, Piperlime.com, 48

January 5, 2011

Haterz Gon' Hate

I received a criticism yesterday that some of the items I was choosing weren't so cheap, as I had advertised. You know what? She was right. I got a little caught up in the style, the fashion of it all, that price went absolutely out the window. I mean, most things I post are somewhat affordable (maybe not all at once), perhaps reasonable, but not outrageous. I wouldn't pay more than $130 for a single item; and I damn sure would have to love it for that price, like wake-up-covered-in-sweat kind of love. But realistically, my spending max is about $30. (sad face). Anyway, I am going to make sure that I am price-conscious from now on. Unless I get knocked unconscious by something über-cute. It's happened before...

Personally, I like wearing these large belts on the inside; sounds strange I know, but wearing the thick belts on the outside as was the trend (now it's skinny belts, but what kinda sense does that make? whatevs...) makes you look like you're trying to buckle up for a ride that goes faster than the speed of light. Or like you'll be lifting heavy weights at some point in the day. Wearing the large belts, which are usually interestingly adorned, around the waist of whatever you're wearing and then putting the outerwear on top of (who knew?) the outfit gives people a flash of "Oh, what's she got under there?" And me likey.

Dress: Women's 0.75-Sleeve Ruffled Dress, OldNavy.com, 29.50
Boots: N.Y.L.A. Tayleena, Piperlime.com, 99.50
Bag: Heather cognac cross-body bag, delias.com, 29.50
Earrings: Only Room For One Cowgirl Earrings, Modcloth.com, 14.99
Belt: Buffalo Jill Belt, Modcloth.com, 32.99
Cardigan: Navajo-print cardigan, GAP.com, 69.50

P.S. Yeaaaaahhhhhh................so I've already broken my rule to be price-conscious. But ya know what, this is not reality so screw it. I'm gonna fake-buy moderately over-priced things all day!! Enjoy, TTFN.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year (of Style)!!!!!!!

1 day of exercise down, 364 days to go!!!! 2011 is the year to look good, to stop being lazy and convincing yourself that you can pull of wearing sweatpants to work because you're wearing Chuck's and have a style blog. I'm giving away any old, frumpy clothes just so I am forced to look good anywhere I go. Even walking to the mailbox, Even working out in my own house, in my own room, with the lights turned way down low, I'm going to look good. Thank you 2011, I owe you one.

Earrings:I Ain't Lion Earrings, Modcloth.com, 17.99
Bag: Elegant Embellishments Bag, Modcloth.com, 89.99
Ring: Doorbell ring, Modcloth.com, 23.99
Dress: Drape Escape Dress, Modcloth.com, 49.99
Drape Cardigan: The Reverie Cardigan, Modcloth.com, 59.99
Shoes: Steve Madden Trackks, Piperlime.com, 65.99