January 28, 2011

Cool, Calm & Collected

3 styles for one bottom! Hoorah!

Calm (middle): The V-neck ruffles will predictably fit nicely into the V-neck black sweater, creating--again--a predictably nice looking ensemble.

Cool (right): Anything from the GAP is going to look cool and chic, even with pants as unique as these.

Collected (left): I don't necessarily mean "put together," as much as I mean "something from over here and over there......put together."

Blouse (left to right): Women's Lightweight Ruffle-Trim Tops golden, OldNavy.com, 24.50; AB Studio Ruffle Blouse Set, Kohls.com, 21.99; Cropped-sleeve blouse, GAP.com, 29.99
Jacket/Sweater (left to right): Eternal Trendsetter Jacket, Modcloth.com, 74.99; AB Studio Shawl-Collar Cardigan, Kohls.com, 27.99; Boucle wrap jacket, GAP.com, 49.99
Pants: Kimchi Blue Cummerbund Trouser, UrbanOutfitters, 59
Shoes: Ecote Ombre Speckled Skimmer, UrbanOutfitters.com, 29
Bag: Kimchi Blue Straw Doctor Bag, tan, UrbanOutfitters.com, 58
Necklace: Detailed Bird and Branch Lariat, Etsy.com, 23

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