January 1, 2011

Happy New Year (of Style)!!!!!!!

1 day of exercise down, 364 days to go!!!! 2011 is the year to look good, to stop being lazy and convincing yourself that you can pull of wearing sweatpants to work because you're wearing Chuck's and have a style blog. I'm giving away any old, frumpy clothes just so I am forced to look good anywhere I go. Even walking to the mailbox, Even working out in my own house, in my own room, with the lights turned way down low, I'm going to look good. Thank you 2011, I owe you one.

Earrings:I Ain't Lion Earrings, Modcloth.com, 17.99
Bag: Elegant Embellishments Bag, Modcloth.com, 89.99
Ring: Doorbell ring, Modcloth.com, 23.99
Dress: Drape Escape Dress, Modcloth.com, 49.99
Drape Cardigan: The Reverie Cardigan, Modcloth.com, 59.99
Shoes: Steve Madden Trackks, Piperlime.com, 65.99

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