January 5, 2011

Haterz Gon' Hate

I received a criticism yesterday that some of the items I was choosing weren't so cheap, as I had advertised. You know what? She was right. I got a little caught up in the style, the fashion of it all, that price went absolutely out the window. I mean, most things I post are somewhat affordable (maybe not all at once), perhaps reasonable, but not outrageous. I wouldn't pay more than $130 for a single item; and I damn sure would have to love it for that price, like wake-up-covered-in-sweat kind of love. But realistically, my spending max is about $30. (sad face). Anyway, I am going to make sure that I am price-conscious from now on. Unless I get knocked unconscious by something ├╝ber-cute. It's happened before...

Personally, I like wearing these large belts on the inside; sounds strange I know, but wearing the thick belts on the outside as was the trend (now it's skinny belts, but what kinda sense does that make? whatevs...) makes you look like you're trying to buckle up for a ride that goes faster than the speed of light. Or like you'll be lifting heavy weights at some point in the day. Wearing the large belts, which are usually interestingly adorned, around the waist of whatever you're wearing and then putting the outerwear on top of (who knew?) the outfit gives people a flash of "Oh, what's she got under there?" And me likey.

Dress: Women's 0.75-Sleeve Ruffled Dress, OldNavy.com, 29.50
Boots: N.Y.L.A. Tayleena, Piperlime.com, 99.50
Bag: Heather cognac cross-body bag, delias.com, 29.50
Earrings: Only Room For One Cowgirl Earrings, Modcloth.com, 14.99
Belt: Buffalo Jill Belt, Modcloth.com, 32.99
Cardigan: Navajo-print cardigan, GAP.com, 69.50

P.S. Yeaaaaahhhhhh................so I've already broken my rule to be price-conscious. But ya know what, this is not reality so screw it. I'm gonna fake-buy moderately over-priced things all day!! Enjoy, TTFN.

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