January 11, 2011

I Only Wish my Monthly Gift was this Fabulous

Getting ready for my once monthly rollercoaster ride of pain. OMG TMI IDK. And all of us (i.e. those w/ vah-jay-jays) know that black is the ideal color during this time. So if you see me wearing something that looks like this in the next week...you know what time it is.

Drop-crotch pants = Perfect diaper disguise
Pants: Sparkle & Fade Dropped Sweatpants, UrbanOutfitters.com, 48
Sweaket (Sweater + Jacket): Gregg Coat, UrbanOutfitters.com, 129
Earrings: Ethnic Fringe Earrings, Forever21.com, 5.80
Bag: Alligator Hobo Bag, Forever21.com, 28.80
Ring: Little Bow Wow Ring, Modcloth.com, 11.99
Heels (clockwise from left): Michael Antonio Moris, Piperlime.com, 44.99; Peep Toe Wedges, Forever21.com, 29.80; Steve Madden Riddgge, Piperlime.com, 89

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