January 18, 2011

Just Whistle while you Work

My mom is outside now, helping the neighbors fix their water line. She put on my old, muddy VANS sneakers, a shirt with holes and paint splatter (real paint; not cute, choreographed paint; and real holes; not cute, carefully placed holes that are hemmed at the edges) and sweatpants.

Behold! My version of what I would wear to fake-help the neighbors....

(Note, I said fake-help)

Good Find!: The cutest earrings can be found by Szeya Designs at Etsy.com.

Boots: Cooperative Sweater Cuff Boot, UrbanOutfitters.com, 78
Jacket: True Blue-tilitarian Jacket, Modcloth.com, 69.99
Pants: Tapered lounge pants, GAP.com, 34.50
Bag: Expert Satchel, Modcloth, 69.99
Shirt: Silence & Noise Shirred Seam Tee, UrbanOutfitters.com, 42
Earrings (clockwise from top) all 8.95 from Etsy.com (Szeya Designs): Spanner and Pliers earrings; Handsaw earrings; Hammer earrings; Shovel earrings; Pliers earrings; Saw and Hammer earrings

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