January 12, 2011

Where are they Now?

When I fell head over heels for high fashion in 2006, 2 people had solid spots on my top ten list of top models: Rachel Alexander (24 yrs old now) and Cintia Dicker (also 24 yrs old now). I saw them all OVER the place and I LOVED it. However, I'd noticed that in the last 4 seasons (F/S 2010 and F/S 2011) (or is that 2 seasons?), they haven't been around :(sad face). Lo and behold, with the magic of Google, I found them! And they've moved on to do quite sexy things, and they deserve it, bravo! (but come back to the runway, 
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Rachel Alexander, as I remember her and her signature haircut:

Cintia Dicker, in my memories:

As they are now:

Rachel Alexander (Face of Andres Sarda); Cintia Dicker (the coveted role of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model)

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