February 13, 2011

Helpful in More Ways Than One

Bridesmaids and your Maid of Honor are your wedding posse, there to help you plan and celebrate while you enter into the next chapter of your life. They usually get their own special 
dresses for the wedding that coordinate with your overall design. 
But, has any bride ever thought about joining them? 
If you do, you will most likely, nay DEFINITELY, save more than a few bucks. 
Wedding dresses cost above and beyond what any bridesmaid dresses would, so what about considering the alternative to a traditional "wedding dress"? 
Take these below: 
Bridesmaid dresses by The Dessy Group for Lela Rose that look 
deceptively and acceptably similar to wedding gowns

Now, realistically this approach may only work for us minimalistic brides (obviously, the minority), however I'm sure that more than a few of you would strongly consider chopping that chiffon, slashing that silk, and trimming that lace in order to trim a few hundred (or even thousand) off that price.

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