March 31, 2011

Real Life Remix

Okay, so today while in the hallway after class, en route to the exit, there passed by a--well I don't know how to describe her--a regular looking young lady. Nothing really special: an average amount of pretty for a college town; long, layered, acceptably disheveled brown hair (also average for a college town); an untraceable amount of makeup yet not completely bare; a moderately worn, pale pink oxford shirt with sleeves slightly rolled at the ends in a way that looked like she might have actually done something to warrant rolling up her sleeves; skinny jeans that looked roomier because of her thinness; flip-flops (but not the lazy kind).

Maybe she stood out because her look was just so plain and unadorned that it became appealing. It had actually much more character than other people who looked more comfortable in their Nike shorts and sweatshirt, but who were obviously trying much harder than she to look natural. Needless to say I think I've learned a thing or two.

More non-lazy flip flops. Some would refer to them as "sandals."

All from!

Oxford shirts: Women's Oxford Shirts smoke, 24.50, oldnavy; Women's Oxford Shirts green stripe, 24.50, oldnavy
Jeans (left to right): Skinny Cargo Jeans,, 24.80; Faded Skinny Jeans,, 19.90; Dark Skinny Ankle Jean,, 10.50; Fab Skinny Jeans,, 9.50; Divine Rights of Denim 4-Pocket Jeggings,, 24.80; Sandblasted Skinny Jeans,, 19.90
Flats (top picture, left to right): Suede T-Strap Gladiator,, 14.50; American Eagle Saidi Hooded Sandal,, 29.99

Flats (bottom picture, zig-zig from top left): Women's Merona Emeline Braided Flat sandals black,, 15.00; Women's Mossimo Pari Strappy sandals chocolate brown,, 24.99; Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Wauna Braided Flat sandals brown,, 14.99; Women's Mossimo® Palila Beaded Flat Sandals Nude,, 19.99

March 29, 2011

OMG Shoes

I can't stop Shoe-BAMing!!!
At least I got away from the wedges........for now (evil laugh) !!!


Calvin Klein "Licia" Platform Sandals, Camel,, 138

OMG Shoes


Gianni Bini "Cassie" Sandals,, 99.99

OMG Bags

POW x 4!

All bags are by Fossil

March 27, 2011


Ummm, jogging anyone?

All Bandeau top bikinis from


Thanks Stacy & Clinton (from What Not To Wear), you've given us solid advice once again. In what may have been a re-run, I watched Stacy & Clinton create the mnemonic "B.A.S.E." for one of the show's contestants.

B: Is it right for my Body type?
A: Is it Age appropriate?
S: something....
E: something else.......

Okay, so I can't remember what the last 2 letters stand for exactly, but I know that one of them related to "Is it worth the price?" Shopping at Banana Republic today, they had many, many items I would LOVE to incorporate into my wardrobe, however I didn't feel most of them were worth the price. But I did find things worth the price in the SALE section. Now that's more like it.

These dresses I found on their website and although I'm not sure if they're worth their price, they are worth trying on to see if they're right for your body. That way you can search for this type of dress elsewhere for half the price.

Trying on clothes, even ones that you can't afford, can at least tell you what styles are figure-flattering and can help you define your style. When you are ready to spend some cold hard cash, you can spend less time shopping because you should be able to spot the clothing that's right for you. Bravo.

Making the Interview All About You

I never want to feel stuffy and office-like when meeting a potential employer. I'm much more confident and pleasant (not to mention, clear-headed) when I feel at ease. Therefore, what I wear needs to allow me to breathe and needs to have a bit of fun built into it. It lets your prospective employer know that you know what you're doing and that you take risks that pay off, that you have a good eye and you apply it to more than just your job, that you take time and pride in your work as well as in yourself.


Pants: MNG by Mango® Plaid Pant ,, 63.92
Shirt: MNG by Mango® Woven Top ,, 39.92
Sweater: MNG by Mango® Snap Cardigan,, 47.92
Bracelets: Triple Threat Bangle Set,, 4
Flats (left to right): Christian Siriano Kimono Flat (black),, 34.99; Marim Bow accent patent flats,, 65
Bags (left to right): Marc Fisher Dress for Success flap tote,, 72.99; Tignanello Multi Sensations tote,, 159

OMG Bags


Coach Kristin Embossed Python Tote,, 798

OMG Bags


Furla Handbag, Laila Tracolla Shoulder Bag,, 395

March 25, 2011

A Look Back

I'm always excited to see past ANTM contestants doing actual modeling. Even though they didn't win, they can find success elsewhere and Bianca Golden is making her own way. Other than finding her modeling for New York & Company, I've seen her on the runway at Project Runway finale show. You go girl!

Nice 'N Easy

Everyone who knows me is aware of my love for New York & Company, especially their sale section. I've been shopping there, oddly enough, since I was a kid. That probably tells you something about me..."Oh Mommy Mommy I want this silk piped cropped blazer. It matches my jellies." Aaaah, childhood.

Also, you should know that I love a good maxi dress. They are soooooo easy to wear just about anywhere (maybe not to work....). Dress it down with a cardigan and flats for day, then add a leather jacket or a blazer with heels for a night out. You CAN'T go wrong.

They're having a buy-one-get-one 50% off sale now that you can pair with a coupon for $50 off a $100 purchase. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh BUDDY

Maxi dress: Streetwear Long Maxi Dress,, 42.95
Sweater: Added Interest Cardigan,, 54.99
Heel: Christian Siriano Zanzi Exotic Wedge,, 49.99
Earrings:  Dangling Jewel Tiered Earrings,, 5.80
Bag: Big Buddha Empire grey,, 95

March 24, 2011

Nice N' Easy

It's a pretty simple recipe: t-shirt, jacket, jeans, boots. Try it on for size. Tank top and jeans are both by MNG by Mango (by Penelope Cruz (and sister)!). You can find their line at JCPenney! Suh-weeeeeeeeeet.

Jacket: Worthington® Contrast Piped Jacke,, 39.99 (sale!)
Tank top: MNG by Mango® Atenea Girl Tank,, 39.92 (sale)
Jeans: MNG by Mango® Martina Denim,, 63.92 (sale)
Boots: Wanted Travel,, 59

March 22, 2011

Havin' Fun in the Sun (that is to come...)

I'm guessing Spring is here since we're breakin' out the fans in my house already (oh Texas...). And ever since I received the JCPenney brochure in the mail a few weeks ago, judging by the expired coupon, I've been itching to shop at So just for fun, I did. Here's the fruit of my first journey:

Not bad, eh?

Dress: nicole by Nicole Miller Print Shift Dress,, 39.99 (sale!)
Heels (left to right): Worthington® 'Treglia',, 39.99 (sale); a.n.a® 'Marina',, 39.99 (sale)
Sunglasses: UO Jackie Sunglasses,, 16
Bag: Kimchi Blue Straw Doctor Bag,, 58
Necklace: Amber Clouds Necklace,, 10.50
Earrings: Gold Circle Drop Earrings,, 19.99 (sale)

March 20, 2011

OMG Shoes

Still Crazy about Wedges, Rodebjer Leather Wedge,, 420


March 19, 2011

Doctor's Orders

My stomach hurts, but I think this bag would make me feel better.
Don't you? 
Foley + Corinna Mid City,, 345.99

OMG Shoes


Hive & Honey Laisha,, 89.50 (on sale now!)

Ahhhh....the start to the weekend

I'm all in. 

Having lots of fun shopping at, they are really stepping it up!
See for yourself:
Snug yet?

Pick the shoes if you're planning on going out; I prefer no shoes when I'm at home. The cross-body chain bag is a cute, quick choice for running errands too.

Skirt: Apostrophe Women's Knit Sheath Skirt,, 13.99 (sale!)
"Love" Shirt: Inked & Faded Women's Love Shark Tail Top,, 7.74 (sale!)
Cardigan: Apostrophe Women's Drapey Cardigan Top,, 15.99
Blue/white & Brown/white Sweater: Next Stripe Club Sweater,, 43
Brown slouchy sweater: Next Oversized Sweater,, 43
Tunic: Covington Womens Women's Split Neck Elbow Sleeve Tunic Top,, 36.99
Mesh sweater: Next Stone Textured Mesh Stripe Sweater,, 43
Blue/white textured sweater: Next Stripe Textured Sweater,, 53
Bag: Small Snakeskin Handbag with Chain,, 19.80
Flat: Ecote Leather Huarache Skimmer,, 39
Canvas shoe: Canvas A-Line Slip-On (black),, 24.99

March 17, 2011

Cooped Up

So I'm at home recuperating from a morning extraction of my four wisdom teeth. It's funny how minor day surgery could give me the much needed relaxation I was looking for...

Apparently St. Patrick's Day is today and if I were going out, which I'm not obviously with a bloody mouth and chipmunk cheeks, this is what I'd wear (below) which upon second look only has minimal green represented by the sunglasses and perhaps the jumpsuit ( I still can't tell if that's green...) : /

Jumpsuit: UK Style by French Connection Elastic Waist Jumpsuit,, 48.90
Necklace: Je t'aime love letter necklace,, 18
Bracelet: Kenneth Cole New York Two Tone Bracelet,, 45
Bag: BDG Awning Tote (gray),, 49
Glasses: 10-Day Shades green,, 11.99
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy Toe Cap Oxford Shoe black,, 39.99

March 15, 2011

OMG Shoes


Matisse Hendrix (tobacco),, 145

OMG Shoes


Messeca Colbee (tan and nude),, 169

Monday Monday

Even though it's technically Tuesday according to the clock, my brain says it's still Monday night....really really late Monday night. So late that it feels like early morning. But not. You don't supposed the 2 heavy-handed pina coladas are making it seem even later, do you? Naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...

It was surprisingly chilly today after a blitzkrieg of a rainstorm this morning. Almost felt like fall again. If I had the energy, I would have aspired to put this together...

but I didn't so...
Even though the skirt doesn't have belt loops, I wanted to make it look more office-y so I added a belt.
And the bowtie necklace dresses up the oxford shirt so much that you may not even have to iron it.

You know what, go ahead and iron it.

Shirt: Women's Oxford Shirts (blue),, 24.50
Sweater: AB Studio Shawl-Collar Cardigan,, 27.99
Necklace: Bow & Chiffon Tie Necklace,, 7.50
Belt: Braided Bold Buckle Belt (black),, 17.46
Tights: Basic Microfiber Tights,, 6.50
Skirt: Art Opening Skirt in Black,, 49.99
Bag: Alligator Hobo Bag,, 28.80
Booties: Nine West Credable,, 74.50

March 8, 2011


Messeca Coraline (Black),, 169

A Day of Shopping

Remember I said I was going out of town this week? What does that spell??!!3##@#%$%%$987??

The (fri)day of shopping I had planned turned into more like an hour of shopping because I: 1) lazed around all day soaking in the freedom to relax, 2) realized I forgot my cellie at home an hour after I got to the mall, and 3) lost track of time because I didn't wear a watch (and didn't have a cell phone) (oh...and I was shopping) and had to pick up my mom before rush-hour. This time management's a doozy.....

One of my staple stores for clothing that's casual but sophisticated, professional yet stylish and comfortable, is New York & Company. So that was my first stop. And I made out with a killing, it was like the whole store was on sale for $7.99. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am! On my way out, I went to Sear's because they usually have a superb sale section; and again they did not disappoint. That day must have been blessed because everywhere I went there were red tags, green tags, orange tags, highlighted--crossed out--penciled in tags that all meant the same thing: CLEARANCE!

I can try to find pics of the items I bought, but in the meantime you should also check out the low low prices Sear's boasts on its website. Now I know, traditionally, Sear's has been pretty much the armpit of fashion (sorry, Sear's, but I tell it like it is), however it has some nice finds if you can spot them. Especially for these T-shirts that I'm going to look for on my next mall crawl....

March 3, 2011

Casual Friday

Won't be so casual tomorrow, you know why?? Because I'm not going to work!! Ceeeeeeeeeeee-le-brate good times C'MON! let's celebrate......Reality check: I am actually going to be catching up on past work and stuff, so not necessarily a vacation day but nonetheless FFFFRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDDDOOOOOOMMMMMMM.

I'm going out of state for a few days next week, so I may start a "Packing Series"--Stay Tuned. Shopping for the trip commences tomorrow (it's my day off, remember?!) and I'm on the hunt for business casual with attitude/personality. But for shopping anyway, here's my (ideal) look...

My "Knows what she's doing--But still has fun with it--May have just come from somewhere important" Look

Jacket: Must Mean Business Jacket,, 94.99
Shirt: Upson Downes by William Anzevino Fabric Block Tee,, 58
Necklace: All Knotted Up Chain Necklace,, 12.50
Pants: Cropped slouchy trouser pants,, 24.99
Shoes: Peep Toe Wedges,, 29.80
Bag: 7 Chi Heavy Studded Two Pocket Tote,, 78