March 27, 2011


Thanks Stacy & Clinton (from What Not To Wear), you've given us solid advice once again. In what may have been a re-run, I watched Stacy & Clinton create the mnemonic "B.A.S.E." for one of the show's contestants.

B: Is it right for my Body type?
A: Is it Age appropriate?
S: something....
E: something else.......

Okay, so I can't remember what the last 2 letters stand for exactly, but I know that one of them related to "Is it worth the price?" Shopping at Banana Republic today, they had many, many items I would LOVE to incorporate into my wardrobe, however I didn't feel most of them were worth the price. But I did find things worth the price in the SALE section. Now that's more like it.

These dresses I found on their website and although I'm not sure if they're worth their price, they are worth trying on to see if they're right for your body. That way you can search for this type of dress elsewhere for half the price.

Trying on clothes, even ones that you can't afford, can at least tell you what styles are figure-flattering and can help you define your style. When you are ready to spend some cold hard cash, you can spend less time shopping because you should be able to spot the clothing that's right for you. Bravo.

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