March 3, 2011

Casual Friday

Won't be so casual tomorrow, you know why?? Because I'm not going to work!! Ceeeeeeeeeeee-le-brate good times C'MON! let's celebrate......Reality check: I am actually going to be catching up on past work and stuff, so not necessarily a vacation day but nonetheless FFFFRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDDDOOOOOOMMMMMMM.

I'm going out of state for a few days next week, so I may start a "Packing Series"--Stay Tuned. Shopping for the trip commences tomorrow (it's my day off, remember?!) and I'm on the hunt for business casual with attitude/personality. But for shopping anyway, here's my (ideal) look...

My "Knows what she's doing--But still has fun with it--May have just come from somewhere important" Look

Jacket: Must Mean Business Jacket,, 94.99
Shirt: Upson Downes by William Anzevino Fabric Block Tee,, 58
Necklace: All Knotted Up Chain Necklace,, 12.50
Pants: Cropped slouchy trouser pants,, 24.99
Shoes: Peep Toe Wedges,, 29.80
Bag: 7 Chi Heavy Studded Two Pocket Tote,, 78

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