March 17, 2011

Cooped Up

So I'm at home recuperating from a morning extraction of my four wisdom teeth. It's funny how minor day surgery could give me the much needed relaxation I was looking for...

Apparently St. Patrick's Day is today and if I were going out, which I'm not obviously with a bloody mouth and chipmunk cheeks, this is what I'd wear (below) which upon second look only has minimal green represented by the sunglasses and perhaps the jumpsuit ( I still can't tell if that's green...) : /

Jumpsuit: UK Style by French Connection Elastic Waist Jumpsuit,, 48.90
Necklace: Je t'aime love letter necklace,, 18
Bracelet: Kenneth Cole New York Two Tone Bracelet,, 45
Bag: BDG Awning Tote (gray),, 49
Glasses: 10-Day Shades green,, 11.99
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy Toe Cap Oxford Shoe black,, 39.99

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