March 8, 2011

A Day of Shopping

Remember I said I was going out of town this week? What does that spell??!!3##@#%$%%$987??

The (fri)day of shopping I had planned turned into more like an hour of shopping because I: 1) lazed around all day soaking in the freedom to relax, 2) realized I forgot my cellie at home an hour after I got to the mall, and 3) lost track of time because I didn't wear a watch (and didn't have a cell phone) (oh...and I was shopping) and had to pick up my mom before rush-hour. This time management's a doozy.....

One of my staple stores for clothing that's casual but sophisticated, professional yet stylish and comfortable, is New York & Company. So that was my first stop. And I made out with a killing, it was like the whole store was on sale for $7.99. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am! On my way out, I went to Sear's because they usually have a superb sale section; and again they did not disappoint. That day must have been blessed because everywhere I went there were red tags, green tags, orange tags, highlighted--crossed out--penciled in tags that all meant the same thing: CLEARANCE!

I can try to find pics of the items I bought, but in the meantime you should also check out the low low prices Sear's boasts on its website. Now I know, traditionally, Sear's has been pretty much the armpit of fashion (sorry, Sear's, but I tell it like it is), however it has some nice finds if you can spot them. Especially for these T-shirts that I'm going to look for on my next mall crawl....

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