March 31, 2011

Real Life Remix

Okay, so today while in the hallway after class, en route to the exit, there passed by a--well I don't know how to describe her--a regular looking young lady. Nothing really special: an average amount of pretty for a college town; long, layered, acceptably disheveled brown hair (also average for a college town); an untraceable amount of makeup yet not completely bare; a moderately worn, pale pink oxford shirt with sleeves slightly rolled at the ends in a way that looked like she might have actually done something to warrant rolling up her sleeves; skinny jeans that looked roomier because of her thinness; flip-flops (but not the lazy kind).

Maybe she stood out because her look was just so plain and unadorned that it became appealing. It had actually much more character than other people who looked more comfortable in their Nike shorts and sweatshirt, but who were obviously trying much harder than she to look natural. Needless to say I think I've learned a thing or two.

More non-lazy flip flops. Some would refer to them as "sandals."

All from!

Oxford shirts: Women's Oxford Shirts smoke, 24.50, oldnavy; Women's Oxford Shirts green stripe, 24.50, oldnavy
Jeans (left to right): Skinny Cargo Jeans,, 24.80; Faded Skinny Jeans,, 19.90; Dark Skinny Ankle Jean,, 10.50; Fab Skinny Jeans,, 9.50; Divine Rights of Denim 4-Pocket Jeggings,, 24.80; Sandblasted Skinny Jeans,, 19.90
Flats (top picture, left to right): Suede T-Strap Gladiator,, 14.50; American Eagle Saidi Hooded Sandal,, 29.99

Flats (bottom picture, zig-zig from top left): Women's Merona Emeline Braided Flat sandals black,, 15.00; Women's Mossimo Pari Strappy sandals chocolate brown,, 24.99; Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Wauna Braided Flat sandals brown,, 14.99; Women's Mossimo® Palila Beaded Flat Sandals Nude,, 19.99

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