April 29, 2011

OMG Shoes

Is it weird that when I see a fabulous shoe, 
the song "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin starts playing in my head?? 
No. I'm pretty sure that's normal.


Miista Mesh Buckle Boot, UrbanOutfitters.com, 229

OMG Shoes


Miista Mesh Toehold Boot, UrbanOutfitters.com, 199

Earth Day!

I missed Earth Day! Well, I didn't miss it, I was here; but my blog missed it. I made this outfit on Earth Day proper and forgot to put it up! Boooo.....

Anyways, is Earth Day like the Earth's birthday? 
I think it is, so Happy Belated BEARTHDAY Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skirt (top): Cooperative Hopscotch Skirt, UrbanOutfitters.com, 49
Skirt (bottom): Sparkle & Fade Smocked Pull-On Skirt, UrbanOutfitters.com, 49
T-shirt: Altru Recycle Scoop Tee, UrbanOutfitters.com, 11.99 (sale!)
Flat (top): Cooperative Loop Sandal, UrbanOutfitters.com, 29
Flat (bottom): Ecote Macramé Ankle Wrap Mini Wedge, UrbanOutfitters.com, 39

OMG Shoes


Matt Bernson Triple Buckle Heel, UrbanOutfitters.com, 229


April 20, 2011

Breaking Hearts w/o Breaking the Bank

I need oxygen STAT!
I'm going to grad school soon, where I'll be curing cancer in the lab and giving people heart-attacks on the street.
Can't have my cake and eat it too....
I'll show you how:

All dresses from ASOS.COM

If I don't get at least one of these, I'll be the girl with my lips quivering inside a tear-stained paper bag...just in case you needed to spot me in the crowd.

Clockwise from top left: ASOS Embellished Back Strap Bandeau Dress, 59.17; TFNC Dress with Beading and Layered Hem, 39.45; ASOS Drape Cowl Back Dress, 39.45; ASOS Graphic Panel Print Dress, 21.52; ASOS One Shoulder Waterfall Dress, 34.07; TFNC Open Bell Sleeve Layered Chiffon Dress, 41.24; ASOS Asymmetric Animal Border Dress, 21.52;  ASOS Gathered Dress with Smudgy Floral Print, 62.76; ASOS '50s Knitted Dress, 89.65

Jumpsuits, Again, SHUT UP

Will it ever end? You tell me......
Jumpsuits are the EASIEST articles of clothing you will ever have in your closet. You thought a t-shirt and jeans was easy? How about sewing those together and adding an elastic waistband...OMG SHUT UP! Told you....


Jumpsuit (for joy...): Warehouse Tribal Jumpsuit, Asos.com (my new favorite place on Earth...), 59.17
Bag: Olsenboye Foldover Tote, JCP.com, 42
Shoes (top to bottom): Alsace (natural leather), NineWest.com, 89; Dolce Vita Uma, Piperlime.com, 74.97; Michael Antonio Gillesbie (yellow), Piperlime.com, 55

It's Easter! (Or at least it was....)

Did I miss Easter? Maybe? Maybe not?
Anyways, Jesus wanted you to have this:

Happy Easter everybody!

Romper: Society Pages Romper, ModCloth.com, 49.99
Necklace: Floral Filigree Necklace, Modcloth.com, 29.99
Bag: Kimchi Blue Straw Doctor Bag, tan, UrbanOutfitters.com, 58
Shoes (under bag): Dolce Vita Risa, Piperlime.com, 69.99
Shoes (bottom row, left to right): Blowfish Roman (grey), Piperlime.com, 49; Dolce Vita Noah, Piperlime.com, 139.99; Espadrille T-Strap Platform Sandal, CharlotteRusse.com, 35.50

April 12, 2011

April 7, 2011

Pretty as a Picture

I made this outfit last week but now I can't remember where I found the clothes; I will look around, and in the meantime, please enjoy the view.

Block Schedule

Glancing at a woman today wearing a colorblock maxi skirt made me think, "Dang, I wish I had a maxi skirt!" Then I continued walking the 15 minutes to reach the parking lot and re-thought, "Dang, I'm so glad I'm not wearing a maxi skirt!" In light of this, I've amended her attire to deal more functionally with the weather we're having in the thralls of spring, behold!

Pretty sure all of these are MINI skirts

Colorblock skirts could function just as easily as jean shorts if you treat them right. An eye-catching, head-turning mini-skirt with a t-shirt says "I'm so hot I can do this without even trying." Two top options for each skirt are below the skirts themselves.

Okay, not all of these are technically t-shirts but they have the same lax attitude. Tucking in the top would be ideal for most of these options, but take care of your possibly bumpy booty before you leave the house. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1st column (top to bottom): Colorblock laser cut skirt, GoJane.com, 11.95 (sale!); Girls and Guise Tee, Modcloth.com, 15; Floral Printed Sweatshirt, ArdenB.com, 27.99

2nd column: Colorblock Woven Skirt, Forever21.com, 19.80; Lady graphic T, GAP.com, 24.50; Geometric Sharkbite Tank, ArdenB.com, 39

3rd column: Lucca Couture Colorblock Bodycon skirt, UrbanOutfitters.com, 39; Black to Business Top, Modcloth.com, 23.99; One Shoulder Ruffle Tunic, ArdenB.com, 39
4th column: Colorblock Bandage Mini Skirt, ArdenB.com, 34.99; Ikat and Rose Print Top, ArdenB.com, 34.99 (sale!); Off the Shoulder Tribal Top, ArdenB.com, 23.99