April 7, 2011

Block Schedule

Glancing at a woman today wearing a colorblock maxi skirt made me think, "Dang, I wish I had a maxi skirt!" Then I continued walking the 15 minutes to reach the parking lot and re-thought, "Dang, I'm so glad I'm not wearing a maxi skirt!" In light of this, I've amended her attire to deal more functionally with the weather we're having in the thralls of spring, behold!

Pretty sure all of these are MINI skirts

Colorblock skirts could function just as easily as jean shorts if you treat them right. An eye-catching, head-turning mini-skirt with a t-shirt says "I'm so hot I can do this without even trying." Two top options for each skirt are below the skirts themselves.

Okay, not all of these are technically t-shirts but they have the same lax attitude. Tucking in the top would be ideal for most of these options, but take care of your possibly bumpy booty before you leave the house. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1st column (top to bottom): Colorblock laser cut skirt, GoJane.com, 11.95 (sale!); Girls and Guise Tee, Modcloth.com, 15; Floral Printed Sweatshirt, ArdenB.com, 27.99

2nd column: Colorblock Woven Skirt, Forever21.com, 19.80; Lady graphic T, GAP.com, 24.50; Geometric Sharkbite Tank, ArdenB.com, 39

3rd column: Lucca Couture Colorblock Bodycon skirt, UrbanOutfitters.com, 39; Black to Business Top, Modcloth.com, 23.99; One Shoulder Ruffle Tunic, ArdenB.com, 39
4th column: Colorblock Bandage Mini Skirt, ArdenB.com, 34.99; Ikat and Rose Print Top, ArdenB.com, 34.99 (sale!); Off the Shoulder Tribal Top, ArdenB.com, 23.99

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