April 20, 2011

Breaking Hearts w/o Breaking the Bank

I need oxygen STAT!
I'm going to grad school soon, where I'll be curing cancer in the lab and giving people heart-attacks on the street.
Can't have my cake and eat it too....
I'll show you how:

All dresses from ASOS.COM

If I don't get at least one of these, I'll be the girl with my lips quivering inside a tear-stained paper bag...just in case you needed to spot me in the crowd.

Clockwise from top left: ASOS Embellished Back Strap Bandeau Dress, 59.17; TFNC Dress with Beading and Layered Hem, 39.45; ASOS Drape Cowl Back Dress, 39.45; ASOS Graphic Panel Print Dress, 21.52; ASOS One Shoulder Waterfall Dress, 34.07; TFNC Open Bell Sleeve Layered Chiffon Dress, 41.24; ASOS Asymmetric Animal Border Dress, 21.52;  ASOS Gathered Dress with Smudgy Floral Print, 62.76; ASOS '50s Knitted Dress, 89.65

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