May 28, 2011

Lazy Saturday....Or is it??

One of my dirty little secrets is that on days like today, a lazy Saturday, when I haven't done anything at all, if I need to go out and get something--even if it's a quick trip like to CVS or Subway--I make sure I dress as though I've been out tirelessly doing errands all day! You never know who you might run into......I've learned that lesson too many times to count....

Both vests not to be worn at the same time...hopefully that was clear for most people...

Heart symbol courtesy of

Shirt: I 'Heart' Ronson Floral Blouse,, 14.40
Vests: Liz Claiborne Leather Vest (Dark brown),, 74.25; Liz Claiborne Zipper Pocket Vest,, 29.99
Pants: Bisou Bisou® Cargo Pant,, 13.20
Shoes: Angelica,, 99
Necklace: Rings On A Ribbon Necklace,, 10.50
Bag: Voyage Leatherette Shoulder Bag,, 28.80

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