May 23, 2011

More Belts, More Problems

Finding this potentially fun dress on was easy...picking the perfect belt to go with it?.............well, as you can wasn't as easy.

Dress: Short Sleeve Floral Chiffon Tiered Dress,, 41.96 (sale!)
Belts (all from ASOS Plaited Boyfriend Belt, 18.47; ASOS Leather Double Wrap Plaited Waist Belt, 22.16; ASOS Floral Bow Belt, 14.77; ASOS PREMIUM Wide Multi Plait Waist Belt, 46.16; River Island Bow Belt, 36.93; ASOS Double Roped Detail Belt, 22.16; ASOS Blurred Floral Skinny Belt, 14.77; Pieces Thomas Plait Slim Jeans Belt, 16.62; Oasis Leather Weave Belt, 46.16; ASOS Bow Skinny Belt, 11.08; ASOS Pink Boyfriend Belt, 14.77; ASOS Lime Boyfriend Belt, 14.77; Oasis Mixed Floral Belt, 36.93; Oasis Skinny Belt, £18.00; ASOS Leather Boyfriend Belt, 36.93

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