June 24, 2011

Travel Bug

It's after midnight and don't really feel like writing a description. Went shopping today and felt like updating you with something from my virtual closet a.k.a. The Internet.

ASOS having Summer Sale right now!

Top: ASOS Spot Print Belted Tunic Shirt, ASOS.com, 31.03 
Pants: Perfect khaki pants (slate), GAP.com, 49.50
Bag: River Island Bamboo Handle Bag, ASOS.com, 43.10
Sandals (top to bottom): ASOS HOLLY Leather High Sandals, ASOS.com, 65.51; ASOS HAZEL T Bar Wedge Sandals, ASOS.com, 60.34; ASOS WHITE WHISPER Leather Wood Sandal, ASOS.com, 82.75
Hats (left to right): Catarzi Stripe Wide Brim Straw Hat, ASOS.com, 67.23; Catarzi Felt Floppy Hat, ASOS.com, 36.20
Sunglasses: Karen Millen Premium Oversized Jewel Arm Sunglasses, ASOS.com, 55.16

June 23, 2011

OMG Shoes


ASOS HEADLINE Platform Buckle Sandal, ASOS.com, 65.51 (sale!)

June 11, 2011

Method to the Madness

I don't expect everyone to understand why I chose this bag to go with this outfit. I like it. Do what you want.
See instructions below.
But for the skirt, shirt and belt situation - let me explain. 1) Put on skirt. 2) Place wide belt around top of skirt, about 1-2'' from the skirt's waistband. 3) Put on shirt. 4) Tuck in a partial amount of the shirt into the front of the skirt's waistband (see example), so it shows the belt but hangs loosely/casually over the waistband. Don't tuck in the rest of the shirt (unless you want to...beware bumpy booty). 5) Put on chambray jacket as final touch.


Don't be too proud to ask for help.

Skirt: Striped Skirt, WetSeal.com, 16.50
Shirt: Just Look Crop Top, WetSeal.com, 10.99 (sale!)
Belt: Leatherette Diamond Belt, Forever21.com, 6.80
Sandals: Braided Details Thong Sandals, Forever21.com, 16.80
Jacket: Chambray Double Breasted Jacket (denim/cream), Forever21.com, 29.90
Bag: Small Tapestry Leatherette Bag, Forever21.com, 24.80

Set the Mood

Can't go wrong with any of these shoe choices...just depends on your mood for the day...

If you have a mood disorder, I suggest carrying all of them in your car. Just to be safe.
Tank: Floral Braided Tank, WetSeal.com, 16.50
Pants: Porkchop Tie Belt Pant, WetSeal.com, 19.50
Sandals (all from WetSeal.com) (clockwise from top left): Stripe Slip On Flat, 7.99 (sale!); Braided Cork Wedge, 15.99 (sale!); Lurex T-Strap Sandal, 7.99 (sale!); Stripe & Bow Flat, 12.80; Canvas and Jute Flat, 7.99 (sale!); Basic T-strap Sandal, 10.50

The CoaTANK - or - The TankOAT

Basically and perhaps unsuccessfully I was trying to convey the convergence of the "coat" and the "tank top" by melding the words together...hence "coaTANK" and "tankOAT." Don't judge.
I'm of the opinion that outerwear, even if it is as useless as the coatank, makes an outfit look significantly more effort-full (don't know the opposite for effortless...) and fashion forward (unless you just look like crap...).
I've noticed the difference a blazer can make to just a tank top and jeans, so I'm sure the power of blazer-type outerwear can expand to any kind of outfit. Try it, and prove me right.

HINT: Tuck tank top into skirt so that belt shows...it'll complete the safari look.
 Okay, all the other stuff helps too....but that coatank - CLUTCH.

Skirt: Belted Pintuck Mini Skirt, WetSeal.com, 15.99
Tank: Leopard Racer Tank, WetSeal.com, 16.50
Coatank: Sleeveless Trench Coat, Forever21.com, 27.80
Necklace: Ganesha Charm Necklace, Forever21.com, 5.80
Sunglasses: F5434 Sunglasses, Forever21.com, 5.80
Sandals: Multi Strap Flip Flop (bronze), WetSeal.com, 7.99 (sale!)
Hat: Wide Brim Hat, Forever21.com, 12.80
Earrings: Tiered Teardrop Earrings, Forever21.com, 5.80

June 10, 2011

Building Blocks

Colorblock patterns (and stripes) are great "background" patterns for the 
introduction of other noisier patterns. 
They're kind of like the crazy cousin of neutrals.

And, in some cases, it just doesn't work.
Take your chances.

Maxi skirt: Colorblock Maxi Skirt, WetSeal.com, 19.50
Tank: Tribal Print Elastic Back Tank, WetSeal.com, 16.50
Wedges: Braided Ankle Wrap Wedge, WetSeal.com, 29.50

OMG Shoes

BAM (x3) !!!

OMG Shoes


bebe Sydney Leather Wedge Sandal, bebe.com, 129