June 11, 2011

The CoaTANK - or - The TankOAT

Basically and perhaps unsuccessfully I was trying to convey the convergence of the "coat" and the "tank top" by melding the words together...hence "coaTANK" and "tankOAT." Don't judge.
I'm of the opinion that outerwear, even if it is as useless as the coatank, makes an outfit look significantly more effort-full (don't know the opposite for effortless...) and fashion forward (unless you just look like crap...).
I've noticed the difference a blazer can make to just a tank top and jeans, so I'm sure the power of blazer-type outerwear can expand to any kind of outfit. Try it, and prove me right.

HINT: Tuck tank top into skirt so that belt shows...it'll complete the safari look.
 Okay, all the other stuff helps too....but that coatank - CLUTCH.

Skirt: Belted Pintuck Mini Skirt, WetSeal.com, 15.99
Tank: Leopard Racer Tank, WetSeal.com, 16.50
Coatank: Sleeveless Trench Coat, Forever21.com, 27.80
Necklace: Ganesha Charm Necklace, Forever21.com, 5.80
Sunglasses: F5434 Sunglasses, Forever21.com, 5.80
Sandals: Multi Strap Flip Flop (bronze), WetSeal.com, 7.99 (sale!)
Hat: Wide Brim Hat, Forever21.com, 12.80
Earrings: Tiered Teardrop Earrings, Forever21.com, 5.80

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