October 23, 2011

Because I'm worth it (TM)(C)(R)


Coach shoes, all at MACYS.com

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 13, 2011

Front Row Seats

Style.com has been my web browser homepage for a very long time and reminds me everyday of how lame I look and how utterly unattainable high fashion can be. But, remember, while fashion may be expensive, style is free!

Which is why I make high fashion desktop backgrounds (one of my favorite hobbies) (especially when I'm trying to avoid extremely important things...you know, like what you're doing right now;) to feel like I'm actively participating in the world I so desperately eagerly want to join.


I can't wait to avoid more and more things so I can bring you more and more of these glorious graphics. Keep your fingers crossed!

October 1, 2011


OMGGGGG!!! I am like an ANTM magnet!!!!! I found another one of my ALL-TIME favorites - Felicia "Fo" Porter. She was so beautiful with her freckles and short hair and complexion and everything!!!! (Actually, when she was voted off the show, that was the last time I watched ANTM....it was that upsetting. Shut up.)

(Tearing up.)

(I said shut. up.)

Here she is modeling for H&M - girl you've come a long way! You show 'em!

While we're on the subject of ANTM. The number #1 picture of ALL TIME from ANTM has to be the Cycle 1 finale pic of Adrianne Curry (who won Cycle 1)
(DUH!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!!!!!!):

She is modeling jewelry, by the way - a necklace - look veryyyyy closelyyyyyyyy

I found another one. Tonight is my lucky night. I've been browsing literally RANDOMLY for hours and I've come across TWO models from America's Next Top Model. And both were some of my absolute favorite models on the show! This one is Jaslene Gonzalez, who won Cycle 8, modeling an evening gown on NetFashionAvenue.com!

Click the link to see her picture from NetFashionAvenue.com, but I just wanted to post modeling pics of her that I hadn't yet seen - and that are WAY better than the picture from said website.

You Go Girl!

ANTM: Where are they now?
I don't know.
But I found one just a second ago - honestly I don't know if this is an old picture but here's YaYa DeCosta modeling for Venus.com!

You Go Girl!!