December 18, 2011

Viva La Jumpsuit!

Jumpsuits forever!!!
(if you haven't seen the SandLot at least 1,000 times, 
then you might not understand the generational significance of the word "forever")
(believe me, it's a big deal)

Do I have some kind of weird, Freudian complex that makes me want to wear 
what basically amounts to the adult version of a onesie?


Which 11111111111?

I can't choose - somebody help!

No, seriously, or I'll buy them all. I have a bad habit of doing that when I can't choose.

December 17, 2011

Sweater Dresses!

YAY - it's time for sweater dresses!
Some of these are "body-con" which I'm pretty sure is fashion slang for "body conscious" and means not subtly that you (and everybody else) will be literally conscious of your body/every little ripple underneath your dress.
the good ripples and bad ones...

Choose wisely, friends...

First row: Sweater dress by Tulle,, 54; Lucca Couture Velvet-Trim Sweater Dress,, 39.99; East5th® Sweater Dress, Crew Neck Cable Knit,, 29.99
Second row: Sangria Belted Sweater Dress, Shoulder Zip,, 34.99; a.n.a® Sweater Dress, Belt,, 29.99; Chelsea & Violet Sweater Dress,, 118.00 



Charles David "Tracy,", 69.97 (from 187!)

Crop Block

I don't mean that I want to block cropped sweaters, 
I just want to remind you to block your exposed belly button.
'Cuz, you know, it's winter.

Jeans: CJ by Cookie Johnson 'Faith' Straight Leg Stretch Jeans (Visionary Wash),, 44.90 (on sale from 196)
Sweaters (clockwise from white one): MNG by Mango® Cropped Crocheted Sweater W2059,, 22.45; a.n.a® Crew Neck Pullover, Short Sleeve W7142,, 24.99; 176 Clothing Sweater, Long Sleeve Cable Knit Slouchy Cropped,, 29.99 (2-day sale until Dec. 17th!); By Design Crop Nordic Sweater (Juniors),, 44; Cable Knit Cropped Sweater,, 26.99; Tribal cropped sweater,, 34; Gianni Bini "Tegan" Cropped Sweater,, 27.30

December 16, 2011

Native American Ways

Don't know if this is on trend or not, but anyone with a soft place in their heart for earth tones will have no trouble adding this to their wardrobe lickity-split.

All from

Ring: Native Bead Ring, 4.80
Bracelets: Filigree Leaf cuff, 6.80; Pressed Filigree cuff, 6.80
Scarf: Geo Pattern Scarf, 15.80
Poncho: Fair Isle Poncho, 17.80

December 15, 2011

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right - but Two Browns Do

Alas!!!! There is no New York & Company here - how can that be?! 
I lamented by shopping on their website... 
single tear falls slowly down cheek...

Sweater: Chunky Knit Flyaway Sweater with Floral Design,, 37.47
Floral top: Floral Flowing Tunic,, 42.95
Color block top: Colorblock Tunic Top,, $39.95
Military-style blouse: Charmeuse & Knit Belted Tunic,, 21.47
Pants: MNG by Mango® Trouser,, 27.45 (sale!)
Sweats: Streetwear Stretchy Slim Drawstring Pant,, 14.97
Boots (top to bottom): BDG Washington Leather Hiking Boot,, 69.00; Eurosoft by Sofft® Carrina Suede Booties,, 69.99

December 14, 2011

Cold Rained In

Not nearly as fun as being snowed in (and "fun" being relative to how much food/water you well as cable), but I do the best I can. There was supposed to be > 2 feet of snow on the ground by now, but alas...not one flake. Anyways, hypothetical: suppose I were snowed in - and wanted to make some sugar cookies -  but Oh No! I don't have any butter - that means I need to go to the store for ingredients - but what should I wear? What should I wear........

Is there a lot here? Sure, but when you need some butter, you need some butter -

Sweater:  Knitted dolman sleeve top, Charcoal,, 36.30
Pants: Alpha khaki slim pants by Dockers,, 59
Jacket: Shearling coat,, 598
Sunglasses: People by Super,, 163
Belt: Stretch Slash by Vince Camuto,, 42
Shoes (top to bottom): A/O 7 Eye by Sperry Top-sider,, 130; Mae by Elizabeth and James,, 229.99; Rowin by Sam Edelman,, 159.99
Bangles: MNG by Mango Print bangle,, 14.95
Bag: American Living Knightly mini cross body,, 39.99
Necklace: MNG by Mango Khaki bead necklace,, 24.95

December 13, 2011

Been a Long Time (I shouldnt've left you without a dope outfit to step into...)

Heh heh? You like what I just did there (the title, silly)? Well it only makes sense if you know Aaliyah's song by heart....which anyone who came of age in the 90's does!!! That's a given.

Anyways, it has been a long time. I was asked to make a Xmas list and I listed Old Navy as one of the items; like, literally, all I said was "Old Navy." Those two words, nothing else. That's what I want for Xmas - the entire store.

With that in mind, of course I did some online shopping to see what I actually wanted and it was hard to narrow down because, you know, I will own the whole store come Christmas....but here's one outfit that I would wear if I had all the pieces.

Personally, I'm tempted to layer the vest over the sweater - but that's mainly because I can't choose which one I like better. Black, sheer tights. Stunna!

Old Navy (obviously): Belted jersey dress, 29 (sale!); Faux snakeskin flats, 26.94; Faux shearling vest, 29 (sale); Popcorn knit sweater coat, 40 (sale)
Boots: Meteour - Steven by Steve Madden - Stone,, 189.50
Bag: 2209 by Street Level,, 53.99 (sale)
Earrings: (All from, from left to right) Bejeweled flower studs, 4.80; Ridged center earrings, 3.80; Floral teardrop earrings, 5.80