December 13, 2011

Been a Long Time (I shouldnt've left you without a dope outfit to step into...)

Heh heh? You like what I just did there (the title, silly)? Well it only makes sense if you know Aaliyah's song by heart....which anyone who came of age in the 90's does!!! That's a given.

Anyways, it has been a long time. I was asked to make a Xmas list and I listed Old Navy as one of the items; like, literally, all I said was "Old Navy." Those two words, nothing else. That's what I want for Xmas - the entire store.

With that in mind, of course I did some online shopping to see what I actually wanted and it was hard to narrow down because, you know, I will own the whole store come Christmas....but here's one outfit that I would wear if I had all the pieces.

Personally, I'm tempted to layer the vest over the sweater - but that's mainly because I can't choose which one I like better. Black, sheer tights. Stunna!

Old Navy (obviously): Belted jersey dress, 29 (sale!); Faux snakeskin flats, 26.94; Faux shearling vest, 29 (sale); Popcorn knit sweater coat, 40 (sale)
Boots: Meteour - Steven by Steve Madden - Stone,, 189.50
Bag: 2209 by Street Level,, 53.99 (sale)
Earrings: (All from, from left to right) Bejeweled flower studs, 4.80; Ridged center earrings, 3.80; Floral teardrop earrings, 5.80

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