December 17, 2011

Sweater Dresses!

YAY - it's time for sweater dresses!
Some of these are "body-con" which I'm pretty sure is fashion slang for "body conscious" and means not subtly that you (and everybody else) will be literally conscious of your body/every little ripple underneath your dress.
the good ripples and bad ones...

Choose wisely, friends...

First row: Sweater dress by Tulle,, 54; Lucca Couture Velvet-Trim Sweater Dress,, 39.99; East5th® Sweater Dress, Crew Neck Cable Knit,, 29.99
Second row: Sangria Belted Sweater Dress, Shoulder Zip,, 34.99; a.n.a® Sweater Dress, Belt,, 29.99; Chelsea & Violet Sweater Dress,, 118.00 

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