April 15, 2012

No Limit at The Limited!

Title = Totally CORNSVILLE and depressingly unimaginative.....okay I get it.
Outfit = Totes Adorbs!

Went shopping for the first time in a LOOOONG TIME. Found myself  in The Limited, and although I hardly ever shop there, I found I liked a lot of their looks (especially the ones on the SALE rack :).

All items furnished by The Limited (except the shoes)

Jacket: Long Draped jacket, 98
Shirt underneath jacket: Double Ruffle Ombre top, 49.90
Belt: Tweed belt, 34.90
Skirt: Crystal Pleated Midi skirt, 79.90
Sunglasses: Debut sunglasses, 26.90
Necklace: Disk and Rose pendant, 29.90
Wedges: Trish wedge, BananaRepublic.com, 108
Bag: Upscale Straw bag, 79.90