May 28, 2012

inVEST in Summer Wear!

Vacation - Happy to get away!

Black jeans - I admit, they are a hot choice for the heat of the summer. Buuuut they'll ADD a little HEAT to a cool night out on the town ;)
Summer vest = an non-committed way to add a 3rd piece + SUPES CUTE
Summer sandals: You need them; Get 1 that's high (heel or wedge) and 2 that are low (1 for day; 1 for night) (Both chic) 
Tip: Sleeveless top + sleeveless vest or blazer = NOW

Sandals (left to right): a.n.a® Nikki Wedge Sandals,, 25; a.n.a® Corinne Thong Sandals,, 25; Call It Spring® Petzold Beaded Thong Sandals,, 40
Tops (left to right): Shimmer Boatneck sweater,, 49.50 (sale!); Crochet tank top,, 39.50 (sale!)
Vest: 2-in-1 jacket,, 59 (sale!)

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