June 26, 2012

Next please!

Next! As in NextDirect.com clothing and accessories website for the company based out of the UK (always FREE SHIPPING!). I found them through Sears.com.....I have no idea how. Maybe they have a contract to sell some of their clothing a la Sears? Hmmm...they may want to rethink that deal. Paging Macy's...Macy's you have a call on Line 1...

But, in any case, I found them ! And now, so have you :)
(you're welcome)

All courtesy of NextDirect.com:
Shoes: Nude pink bow loafers, 51
Jeans (left to right): Blue/black chino jeans, 55; Blue/Black Sateen Roll-Up Skinny Jeans, 51; Lift And Shape Cropped Jeans, 73
Top: Floral Bubble Hem Top, 22
Blazer: Coral Slub Peplum Jacket, 89
Ring: Lipsy Pretty Trio Ring, 15
Bracelets: Silver Bangles Three Pack, 19
Necklaces (left to right): Teacup Necklace, 9; Mint Green Tassel Necklace, 22
Bags (left to right): Neutrals Colour Block Suede Mix Tote, 139; Made With Love Yellow Floral Across Body, 46; Lipsy Textured Colour Block Clutch, 64

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