September 9, 2012

I love mixing and matching patterns - or in the words of Stacy & Clinton - "going" not matching.
So go to JCPenney and get these outfits to make everyone at work jealous.

Flats (left to right): Studio Paolo® Lara Ballet Flats,, 35; Puma® Saba Patent Ballet Flats,, 55
Belt: Liz Claiborne Crocodile-Print Patent Belt,, 18
Blouses (top to bottom): Liz Claiborne Long-Sleeve Pleated Blouse (Red multi),, 25; Liz Claiborne Long-Sleeve Woven Shirt (Green snake),, 25
Pants (top to bottom): Liz Claiborne Snake Print Ankle Pants,, 30; Liz Claiborne Ankle Pants (Cabaret red),, 30
Jacket: Liz Claiborne 3/4-Sleeve Box Jacket,, 45
Sweater: Liz Claiborne Shawl Collar Sweater (Clematis blue),, 22

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