September 20, 2012


Target for the win!

Okay, so I haven't looked at all there is to offer in "The Shops at Target" but so far, it looks pretty cool.
Here are some designs by Kirna Zabete:

We all know I love BLACK. The faux leather tights probably don't look as great in real life as they do online - same with Target shoes which is why the wedges (of course) are from - and because of this, I chose a dress (which may be kind of a mini dress) to go over the suspect part of the leggings/pants. The graphic shirt goes underneath the dress giving the whole outfit an edginess. And, here, sheer black tights (as I always suggest) would only show around your ankle and foot, but they make you look like you actually know what you're doing. And that's a plus.

Pants: Kirna Zabete for Target® Ponte Faux Leather Pant in Black,, 29.99
Top: Kirna Zabete for Target® Long-sleeve Tee in Black/White/Gray Geometric Print,, 19.99
Dress: Kirna Zabete for Target® Zip Front Sleeveless Tweed/Faux Leather Dress in Black/White,, 44.99
Shoes (left to right): River Island Contrast Heel Wedge Boots,, 86.23; River Island Eager Black Strappy Platform Wedges,, 86.23; ASOS PANDORA Wedges,, 77.61

September 9, 2012


The image on the homepage of the JCP website today looks very similar to the JCP outfit I posted yesterday...

...which I'll take as a compliment!!!

I love mixing and matching patterns - or in the words of Stacy & Clinton - "going" not matching.
So go to JCPenney and get these outfits to make everyone at work jealous.

Flats (left to right): Studio Paolo® Lara Ballet Flats,, 35; Puma® Saba Patent Ballet Flats,, 55
Belt: Liz Claiborne Crocodile-Print Patent Belt,, 18
Blouses (top to bottom): Liz Claiborne Long-Sleeve Pleated Blouse (Red multi),, 25; Liz Claiborne Long-Sleeve Woven Shirt (Green snake),, 25
Pants (top to bottom): Liz Claiborne Snake Print Ankle Pants,, 30; Liz Claiborne Ankle Pants (Cabaret red),, 30
Jacket: Liz Claiborne 3/4-Sleeve Box Jacket,, 45
Sweater: Liz Claiborne Shawl Collar Sweater (Clematis blue),, 22

September 7, 2012

C'mon ride the train - RIDE IT

I started running again!! Chooo-choooooooo! (<----train sound)
And since I've been feeling pretty sporty, i.e. wearing mostly athletic clothes, i.e. not cute ones, I decided I needed an update so I can look the part and feel it too.

Besides, I needed an excuse to shop for a good ol' reliable pair of sneaker wedges X-)

Bag: LPLP Linea Pelle Navy/Pink Speedy Satchel,, 29.99
Pants: GapFit roll-cuff pants,, 34.95
Tank: Sequin Scoop-Neck Tank (Terrific Taupe),, 29.95
Jacket: Zip Up Hoody by Monrow (Cobalt/leaf),, 69.97
Shoes (clockwise): Black White Lace Up Wedge Sneaker,, 35.99; Ash Women's Bowie Bis Fashion Sneaker,, 235; 9 West Original Sneakers Women's Britt Sneaker,, 79; 9 West Original Sneakers Women's Tesla Sneaker,, 85; Wanted Shoes Women's Waverly Fashion Sneaker,, 69.99; Calvin Klein Women's Raven Nappa/Metallic Slip-On Fashion Sneaker,, 50.54; Ash Women's Bowie Multi Fashion Sneaker,, 235; Bakers Womens Tick Tock Wedge Sneaker,, 69; DKNY Women's Raina Wedge Sneaker,, 74