August 25, 2009

Bird legs

I know she looks like she has gargantuan legs, but for effect I chopped off her twigs and set her up with these babies. Nice.

I found these fun peacock tights for $29.99 while shopping, and while I thought that was an exorbitant amount to pay for pantyhose, I'd do it. Just this once.

And away I went. In my ever-growing virtual fashion closet, I found an equally fun dress from with a print I thought would nicely complement the tights (and yes, it is actually a dress, for reals, top & bottom & belt!! $24.80).

I had a hard time w/ shoes, mainly because I always have a hard time with shoes. I love shoes..........Anyway,
Tahari oxford booties (, Clearance $66.94) seemed like a fitting choice. I usually like a closed toe w/ tights; a little bit of patent, a little matte, whatever, I'd wear it.

An asymmetrical gold chain necklace, (, $7.80) and leather topper (which I'm pretty sure is a Fall '09 season fave) from ($34.50). And at last, a faux-croc(?) (again, not a biologist) clutch in an I'm-so-drooling deep purple at ($24.00); the color I admit is more Fall'08, but I won't tell anyone if you won't.

August 20, 2009


I love jumpsuits. I always have and I always will.
I don't care if the season doesn't call for it, I am forever a fan of the jumpsuit. Most of all because I'm lazy. I can put my entire outfit on in one zip? HOLLA.
The Dilemma: It's extremely difficult to find an affordable jumpsuit. For some reason, I guess mass affordable retailers/designers don't think the average cul-de-sac-livin' person will dig a jumpsuit. But I tell ya, people are getting more fashion-conscious and daring. Why do you think H&M, Target, Payless and now Wal-Mart are getting well-known and budding designers to make exclusive collections? Because high fashion has become a mainstream obsession thanks to fashion T.V., specifically shows like Project Runway (I just watched the premiere....aaaaaawesome) and America's Next Top Model (and all of its sister shows, i.e. Australia's Next Top Model, Canada's, China's, Brazil's?, Tunisia's?, I don't even know).

Anyway, I'm begging you (Oh Fashionable One) to please please PLEASE make more jumpsuits. Okay, I'm done.

I love that this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters ($58) incorporates one of Fall 09's must-have shapes: harem. With a touch of in-the-know, you can look like you've been doing this for a long time. I thought a fully enclosed shoe would look too solid from top-to-bottom, so I choose a bandage heel from ($24.99). Normally the jumpsuit itself would be a helluva statement, and it is, but it needed something to fill in the empty space around the neck & chest. This gold piece-y statement necklace (, $24.99) is enough to make the top of the outfit look just as stunning and interesting as the bottom (it's also another Fall trend: statement jewelry) without any clutter. The ring is also interesting and modern; most importantly, it looks simple and understated without losing any of its punch (, $14.99) and without distracting from the pinnacle piece. I Feel Like A Woman!!


August 19, 2009

Un soupçon de jungle

After finding this cute T-shirt at for $14 ( one of a number of cute, dirt cheap, eco-friendly pieces from the new Norma Kamali collection), I thought How can I make this more interesting? I mean, it's a fun T-shirt, sure, but how do I keep this potentially awesome statement piece (pushing it?) from becoming blandified by jeans???

Welcome to the Jungle....just go all out safari, don't even think about stopping with the jungle print skirt (Norma Kamali, Walmart, $15), go ahead and shade yourself from the jungle sun with hipster leopard/cheetah (I'm not a biologist people) glasses from ($11).

The cardi is sweet with ruffled sleeves to modernize our Jane of the Jungle vibe, afterall we are civilized (Walmart, $14). Cinch with belt from ($14.99) and slip on ruched peep-toes from Payless ($26.99). Growl.............................................TTFN

Funky Bunch

Feeling the retro 80's vibe for this fall season, I decided to put together a funky,
eclectic outfit that satisfies my more creative side. These uber-80s acid wash jeans
took me way WAY back (well, not that far back, technically I was only around
half the decade); get a pair of your own from (FAVE!) for $68.

To vibe with these pants, the rest of your outfit better be funky fresh. I know it's fall, but
I still feel a little summer-y so I capped them with a peachy jacket also from U.O. ($78)
which (if not for my pear-shape) I would cinch with a colorful skinny belt from ($14.99). For an interesting addition, I added a floral t-shirt which is a steal
at $6 from Wal-Mart (more Wallyworld coming soon:); I feel the flowers keep the
entire outfit upbeat, don't you?

Finish it off top and bottom with statement earrings (all the rage), these are
from ($38), and flats--remember loafers were supafly--these
SUPERcute Merona buckle flats are from (another FAVE!) ($29.99).


August 15, 2009

Crisp casual

For my first post, I thought it'd be appropriate to provide a great weekend
ensemble for fall that combines the best of edgy business style with a few
casual pieces.

While shopping on, I squealed when I found these lace-up peep-toe booties ($29.99). With these in mind, I found the perfect stovepipe black ankle pant ($39.95) from NY & Company and paired it with a nice charcoal jacket ($69.95), also from NY & Company. Conveniently, it's quite wearable with virtually any other style or color of bottom (I'm a huge fan of the mismatched jacket/bottom look).

To casualize it, I paired the jacket with a pale lilac sleeveless tank from Target ($9.99) and wrapped it with a trendy lightweight scarf from NY & Company ($19.95). Run errands like you mean business with a sharp faux animal-skin tote from Target (Clearance $12.48!).

Looking this good should be reason enough to leave the house!