May 28, 2011

Lazy Saturday....Or is it??

One of my dirty little secrets is that on days like today, a lazy Saturday, when I haven't done anything at all, if I need to go out and get something--even if it's a quick trip like to CVS or Subway--I make sure I dress as though I've been out tirelessly doing errands all day! You never know who you might run into......I've learned that lesson too many times to count....

Both vests not to be worn at the same time...hopefully that was clear for most people...

Heart symbol courtesy of

Shirt: I 'Heart' Ronson Floral Blouse,, 14.40
Vests: Liz Claiborne Leather Vest (Dark brown),, 74.25; Liz Claiborne Zipper Pocket Vest,, 29.99
Pants: Bisou Bisou® Cargo Pant,, 13.20
Shoes: Angelica,, 99
Necklace: Rings On A Ribbon Necklace,, 10.50
Bag: Voyage Leatherette Shoulder Bag,, 28.80

May 25, 2011

My Duty

I'm trying to help Wal-Mart out, but it's hard sometimes. I can find decent, super cheap shirts and pants/shorts there often, but nothing more than run-of-the-mill stuff that I wear at home or when I'm sweating. Norma Kamali's line at Wal-Mart is pretty decent, although I've never seen anything in stores, only online. I ordered one T-shirt from her line that I'm happy with (note: I ordered an XL thinking it would run small, but it was kind of big and long, so I think the sizes are "true to size" or whatever, and it hasn't shrunk in the wash/dryer so it's still baggy--which I like :). Anywho, I've found a couple of things worth sharing:

A montage:

Montage part deux:
Necklace: Black Bow Tie Choker Necklace,, 8.50
Earrings: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Earrings, resin stone,, 26
Shoes (clockwise from top): Kvoll Zipper-Trim Buttoned Flats,, 35; Deena & Ozzy Toe Cap Oxford Shoe black,, 39.99; Deena & Ozzy Lucite Oxford,, 49

May 23, 2011

More Belts, More Problems

Finding this potentially fun dress on was easy...picking the perfect belt to go with it?.............well, as you can wasn't as easy.

Dress: Short Sleeve Floral Chiffon Tiered Dress,, 41.96 (sale!)
Belts (all from ASOS Plaited Boyfriend Belt, 18.47; ASOS Leather Double Wrap Plaited Waist Belt, 22.16; ASOS Floral Bow Belt, 14.77; ASOS PREMIUM Wide Multi Plait Waist Belt, 46.16; River Island Bow Belt, 36.93; ASOS Double Roped Detail Belt, 22.16; ASOS Blurred Floral Skinny Belt, 14.77; Pieces Thomas Plait Slim Jeans Belt, 16.62; Oasis Leather Weave Belt, 46.16; ASOS Bow Skinny Belt, 11.08; ASOS Pink Boyfriend Belt, 14.77; ASOS Lime Boyfriend Belt, 14.77; Oasis Mixed Floral Belt, 36.93; Oasis Skinny Belt, £18.00; ASOS Leather Boyfriend Belt, 36.93

Fun in the Sun

I love jeans (remember I live in the Lone Star State) in whichever form they come, so this indigo jeans-look dress would be so becoming on me anyone me :)

Dress: Ruffle Washed Indigo A-Line Dress,, 16.48 (sale!)
Bag: Faux Crocodile Trim Bucket Tote,, 39.95
Shoes (top to bottom): Dolce Vita Risa,, 69.99; Dolce Vita Uma,, 74.97; Studded Cross Ankle Strap Wood Wedge Sandal (light gray),, 30
Bracelets: Minicci Silver Rope Bangle Bracelets,, 7.99
Earrings (left to right): Minicci Silver & Blue Beaded Hoops,, 7.99; Minicci Flower Filigree Earrings,, 7.99

May 20, 2011

For another day out and About

You'll need these digs to stay cool, comfortable, and chic while you're carryin' on with what you do best...
 whatever that is...

Tucked in or left out, that top would look good with anything.

Top: MNG by Mango® Woven Lace Top,, 47.92
Shorts: MNG by Mango® Pleated Shorts,, 24.95
Earrings: MNG by Mango® 3 Ring Earrings,, 31.92
Bag: nicole® by Nicole Miller 'Veronica' Tote,, 48.99
Sandals (from top): Christian Siriano for Payless Topaz Twisted Sandal,, 44.99; Lela Rose for Payless Mateos D'Orsay Ankle Strap Flat,, 49.99

May 19, 2011

She's Done it Again!

Why, hello doll....

Houston, we are a go.

I really like that necklace shown in the picture with the outfit, but I couldn't find it on It's shown with the MNG by Mango cropped cardigan that I liked with the camisole tank top. It's probably a MNG by Mango necklace but woe is me, I can't seem to find it--sorry! The white skirt is a mini, so wax, moisturize, and behave yourself....

Camisole tank top: MNG by Mango® Stripe Cami,, 19.92
Sweater: MNG by Mango® Cardigan,, 27.92
Skirt: MNG by Mango® Mini Skirt,, 27.92
Bracelet: MNG by Mango® Shaky Beads Bracelet,, 35.92
Sunglasses: MNG by Mango® Ischia Sunglasses,, 35.92
Belt: Mixit® Floral Ribbon Braided Belt,, 17.99
Sandals (left to right): Call It Spring® 'Rauer' Sandal,, 49.99; a.n.a 'Caleb' Sandal,, 24.99

Is There a Picnic somewhere I Can go to?

Because this would be the best outfit ever! 
Or is there a little kids' soccer game where I can pretend to be a soccer mom on the sidelines? It would be great until all the kids leave with their moms and I'm standing around having to answer the awkward question,
"Sooooooo....which player is yours?"

Tank: MNG by Mango® Chiffon Tank,, 31.92
Belt: MNG by Mango® Belt Sabana,, 55.92
Sandal: MNG by Mango® 'Trench' Sandal,, 55.92
Skirt: MNG by Mango® Skirt,, 55.92
Bag: a.n.a® 'Megan' Drawstring Tote,, 39.99 (sale!)
Necklace: MNG by Mango® Turq Teardrop Pendant Necklace,, 31.92

I Think this is Just Fun

I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with MNG by Mango at It's like a way hipper Liz Claiborne for young people (BINGO!).

This is only the tip of the iceberg, people.

Shirt: MNG by Mango® Puff Sleeve Stripe Top,, 19.92 (sale!)
Shorts: MNG by Mango® Floral Short,, 39.92 (sale!)
Non-lazy flip-flops (a.k.a. sandals) (from top): Call It Spring® 'Cara' Sandal,, 49.99; a.n.a® 'Cameron' Sandal,, 24.99 (sale!); Arizona® 'Cairo' Sandal,, 26.99 (sale!)

I Always Pay Less

Payless always has at least a few good finds if not more. I find more online than I do in the store...mainly because my foot is the size of Canada:

All shoes from

From the top:
American Eagle Minny Bow Flip Flop,, 14.99 (sale!)
Christian Siriano Topaz Twisted Sandal,, 44.99
Dexter Zandy Braided Sandal,, 16.99 (sale!)
Fioni Kassidy Huarache Sandal,, 27.99
Montego Bay Club Braided Knot Flip-Flop,, 16.99
Montego Bay Club Misty Woven Wedge,, 26.99

May 18, 2011

Shoppin' in Style

I should include more jeans from time to time, add in a bit more weekend casual to the variety. People in warmer states, like mine, are probably looking at this and saying "Are you kidding me? It's like 95 degrees outside!" And I agree with you, this is too hot of an outfit for like 70% of the U.S. right now, but I'm pretty sure that some of the country, say Colorado and such, is still experiencing cold fronts and some snow--crazy as that sounds to us closer to the Mexican border--so this is for you, crazy cold states....

FYI...don't tuck the jeans into the ankle boots; they're bootleg jeans, you'll be fine.

Cardigan: Paillette Open Cardigan, black,, 20
Belt: Sleek Studded Belt,, 16.06
T-shirt: Colorblock welt-pocket T,, 19.50
Tank: Apt. 9® Essential Floral Camisole,, 12.99
Jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans, Ultimate Bootcut Jeans, Cobalt Wash,, 40.99
Boots: Steve Madden Cuppidd,, 59.99
Necklace: All Knotted Up Chain Necklace,, 12.50

May 16, 2011

Door #1 OR Door #2

Two options for your bottoms 
(only one option for your top though, I hope that's clear enough...)
The brown slim pants would nicely pick up the brown in the blouse (that obviously needs a cami underneath) and the blonde heels would re-brighten up the outfit as you continue down the body. I usually like to pair lighter shoes with darker pants or vice versa, so that both the pants and shoes pop (i.e. are noticeable). So, similarly, the white jeans (Luvin' me some white jeans right now) I paired with the heels below them, which are a grayish suede with leather on the heel that will complement the subtle olive color of the blouse. Nice.

Blouse: Ginger Flower Top,, 87.99
Brown pants: Worthington® Belted Slim Pant,, 21.99-24.99
Peep-toe heels: Diamond Cut-Out Peeptoe High Heel,, 30
White jeans: a.n.a® Flap Pocket Denim Leggin,, 24.99 
Suede heels: AK Anne Klein Jalissa,, 79
Necklace: Burnished Bead Cluster Necklace,, 10.50

May 9, 2011

Yay! Comfy Time!

Need I explain?
Ditch work tomorrow, hit Macy's and buy some new lip gloss, grab a slushie and some cotton candy, heat up leftovers for dinner, and call it a day!
(a good day)

Jumpsuit: Jumpsuit,, 29.95
Sneakers: Colorblock Canvas Lace Up Sneaker,, 24.00
Bag: Cooperative Turnlock Satchel (red),, 69
Necklace: The Chinese Takeout Charm Necklace,, 32

I love H & I love M

H&M's website has gotten more detailed--thank G.O.D.--it's about time. I've found some more nice shoes for the summer time. Peruse the website and go crazy! (especially the bathing suits, some are as cheap as 4.95! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!)

Left: $24.95
Right: $39.95

May 7, 2011

Tunic Tunic Time! (Sing to tune of Tunak Tunak Tun)

I really like wearing tunics. In the winter or in the summer. Tunics mean I'm always ready to eat a big meal, and I never have to worry about someone asking me "How far along are you?" (fyi: I'm not pregnant).

And that's what I call a good day folks...

Tunic: Woven Ethnic Top,, 18.24
Pants: Lazerade Splash Legging,, 78
Sandals: Womens FABULAIRE Marietta,, 19.99 (sale!)
Bag: Rambler Cross Body Bag,, 18.50
Earrings: Dangling Silver Disk Earrings,, 4

May 6, 2011

Dear Whitney

Dear Stanky Jankins,

Here are more suggestions, all from More might follow this because I highly enjoy virtual shoe shopping, especially when it takes the place of doing actual work. Enjoy!


May 3, 2011

SWIMsuit season is here!

We just battled a cold front here in the Lone Star State, and we kicked it ass!
Now it's summa summa summatime!

And here's my bathing suit of choice:

Michael Kors Hammered Hardware separates, triangle top ($72) and bottoms ($76) in truffle,
Is it worth it? 
Well, (1) I've been disappointed with many a bathing suit and have never really loved a swimsuit before (until now *swoon*), and (2) I've never (EVER!) spent more than about $10 (total!) on swimwear--plus (3) I haven't bought any swimwear in over 5 years.
So yes, it's worth every penny.
Will I buy it?
Hell to the NO.

May 1, 2011

Dear Whitney

Dear Whitney,

Hello again! I am in need of some Spring shoes to match all those Springtime dresses that bloom around this time. A sturdy heel would be nice, even a wedge, but not too high. Please help!!

                                                         Stanky Jankins

Dear Stanky Jankins,                                                      
It's nice to hear from you again! I'm glad you're back. I've picked out a number 
of cute spring/summer heels and wedges that might suit your fancy. I've only browsed 
my favorite website of the moment,, so no doubt more options will follow. 
Stay tuned.


Need a hand with shopping? Allow me...

For the Hell of It

Found a new website via Google's advertisements on my own blog! That's some damn good advertising....

Anyways, it's one of my new favorite places to explore during!
Some prices are pretty good (i.e. reasonable for cheapo's like myself) and some things are expensive, *sigh*...C'est la vie...

I quickly pieced together a lil sumthin' sumthin' for ya just for funsies...

Tickled to pieces!

All from
Dress: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Dark Orange Dress, 36.50
Shoes: Rocket Dog Oaks Red Swiss Floral Cotton T Strap Heels, 57
Bag: Melie Bianco Roxy Beige Handbag, 85
Earrings: ZAD Take A Shine Earrings, 14

OMG Shoes

Because you're worth it. 
(copyright L'oreal or whoever...)


Jeffrey Campbell Lana Fab Khaki Peekaboo Platform Ankle Boots,, 139