May 19, 2011

She's Done it Again!

Why, hello doll....

Houston, we are a go.

I really like that necklace shown in the picture with the outfit, but I couldn't find it on It's shown with the MNG by Mango cropped cardigan that I liked with the camisole tank top. It's probably a MNG by Mango necklace but woe is me, I can't seem to find it--sorry! The white skirt is a mini, so wax, moisturize, and behave yourself....

Camisole tank top: MNG by Mango® Stripe Cami,, 19.92
Sweater: MNG by Mango® Cardigan,, 27.92
Skirt: MNG by Mango® Mini Skirt,, 27.92
Bracelet: MNG by Mango® Shaky Beads Bracelet,, 35.92
Sunglasses: MNG by Mango® Ischia Sunglasses,, 35.92
Belt: Mixit® Floral Ribbon Braided Belt,, 17.99
Sandals (left to right): Call It Spring® 'Rauer' Sandal,, 49.99; a.n.a 'Caleb' Sandal,, 24.99

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