December 13, 2012

Christmas Time is almost HERE

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I hope you missed me :)

These beautifully colored (and sold out!!) pants from are wonderful holiday pants to celebrate the season. Fall sweaters in a neutral tone will always go with this fuschia pant, especially if they look as classy and tailored as the pants themselves. Don't go too matchy-matchy with the shoes or you won't appear as savvy as we all know you are. Have fun with different styles/colors of flats and enjoy the party (that is your pants).

Pants: Worthington angle pocket pants, 22
Tops (left to right): Liz Claiborne shine sweater, 35; Worthington turtleneck sweater (Color: polar bear), 14; Liz Claiborne dolman crossover sweater, 25; Worthington pattern pullover sweater (Color: neutral), 22
Flats (left to right): Cosmopolitan zima snake print flats, 30; Pointy toe clear ballet flats, 15; Nine & co neon glitter embellished ballet flats, 30; Worthington rusty embellished bow flats, 30

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