June 11, 2011

Method to the Madness

I don't expect everyone to understand why I chose this bag to go with this outfit. I like it. Do what you want.
See instructions below.
But for the skirt, shirt and belt situation - let me explain. 1) Put on skirt. 2) Place wide belt around top of skirt, about 1-2'' from the skirt's waistband. 3) Put on shirt. 4) Tuck in a partial amount of the shirt into the front of the skirt's waistband (see example), so it shows the belt but hangs loosely/casually over the waistband. Don't tuck in the rest of the shirt (unless you want to...beware bumpy booty). 5) Put on chambray jacket as final touch.


Don't be too proud to ask for help.

Skirt: Striped Skirt, WetSeal.com, 16.50
Shirt: Just Look Crop Top, WetSeal.com, 10.99 (sale!)
Belt: Leatherette Diamond Belt, Forever21.com, 6.80
Sandals: Braided Details Thong Sandals, Forever21.com, 16.80
Jacket: Chambray Double Breasted Jacket (denim/cream), Forever21.com, 29.90
Bag: Small Tapestry Leatherette Bag, Forever21.com, 24.80

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