November 11, 2009

Help Me Doctor, I'm seeing SPOTS

When I saw polka-dot tights on Balenciaga's runway for their Fall 2009 show, I was like HOLLA! It's funky disguised as classy...nice. I tried to imitate one of Ghesquière's signature looks, however it was obviously hard to find substitutes. What I did find was a black/white printed dress from ($22.80); black Mossimo peep toe booties from ($29.99) that you could wear through all seasons; and BEHOLD! polka-dot tights from ($38.00). And damn were those hard to find. You would think that after Balenciaga made these tights such a hit on the fall runway, I'd be able to find them everywhere. Not so...not so. However, you can also find Wolford polka dot tights @ ($55.00) (and although pricey for stockings, Wolford is often used by many an upscale fashion magazine, including Harper's BAZAAR (personal fave:)) and from a foreign website called (8.50 pounds, roughly $17). Oh & by the way, OMG SHOES!


Sarah said...

What does TTFN mean? Dumb question maybe, but I still wanna know.

Whitney A. said...

It means "Tah-Tah For Now." Tigger from Winnie the Pooh used to say it. He was my favorite :)