February 18, 2011

Dear Whitney

Dear Whitney,

                I am desperately wanting a bag that's chic and classic, not trendy, but with some fun elements. I want it to be big enough to fit a laptop and a small dog, but maybe not at the same time. Preferably black, but brown will do just as nicely. The most I would probably pay is around $100, but realistically around $50 is more like it. Can you help me?


                                                                                                                          Stanky Jankins
                                                                                                                          (name changed to protect the innocent)

Dear Stanky,

                        That I can do. You might even be pleasantly surprised with what I come up with. Here's hoping for the best. The majority of my shopping was done at Macys.com because I found a lot of great styles/brands in one place and couldn't....stop....shopping....I chose tote, satchel, and hobo bag styles for you because that's probably the only bag, besides a backpack, that could comfortably fit a laptop and/or small dog (why not both? at least the pup could get some work done....). Almost all of the bags you see below, if not shown in black or brown, are available in black and/or brown; only a few are not, so I chose the color I believe works the best in terms of giving you a classic, yet versatile and trend-withstanding, look.
Happy shopping and thanks for writing.


The Finds:

Less than $50

Between $50-100

Over $100 but Less than $200

Dream On...

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